20080315-Get Fit Pilates-Tonya G. Martin

A few nice Joseph Pilates images I found:

20080315-Get Fit Pilates-Tonya G. Martin
Joseph Pilates
Image by Mikey Da Photographer
Tonya owns the studio I shot at today. She wanted a picture in front of Joseph H. Pilates.

Used the Bronze preset by Nick Tsakiris. Got the preset here

I had a hard time deciding which version of this shot I wanted to use. I wanted to bring out Mr. Pilates from the wall. I think this one did the better job. The SOOC version was too light.

Joseph Pilates
Image by rozic
is he holding his breath? i’ve done a bunch of pilates, romana is joseph pilates protege and the instructors who have studied under her are in big vogue. it’s a great compliment to yoga and running.

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