Chair functions

Some cool Pilates chair images:

Chair functions
Pilates chair
Image by brendan skinner
1:20 drawing of Postures and details of the "Boredom Chair"

SleepDep Law School Studying
Pilates chair
Image by Teo
This is what the room looks like after too much studying for finals. (I use the pilates ball as a chair.)

Stage 2 (A.K.A the Chicago Challenge)
Pilates chair
Image by Ramones Karaoke
Yes, *that* Chicago Challenge – how does a 50 year-old codger try to sculpt a belly like a Fosse hoofer?

Short answer – he just can’t. She was right.

However – if you replace your office chair with a Pilates ball (about 8 quid from Asda and other leading sports equipment providers – mine came from Argos I think back in about 1994 … ) then simply sitting on your fat old arse and reading email becomes a pulsing, savage ab workout. You cannot help but wiggle and twist and enjoy the endless burn, and that ‘ooh, there’s a muscle there as well, let’s twist a bit further – ooooh’ – life becomes one long situp. And of course you can just do more anytime you feel like it, particularly if, like me, nobody sends you email anymore.

So let’s see if I can get close to Chicago guy. Or will I just get a pain in the belly???

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