The Best Pilates Core Workout Video

A free online exercise and fitness Pilates total abs and core workout video you can do in five minutes! *Sponsor: Peel away the pounds with Solani – This is the best Pilates core workout video available on YouTube. It’s also the hardest! Special Thanks to Paula @ Check Out Video! Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel – Go behind the scenes w/ Sarah’s Blog- Twitter Facebook: iTunes: Sarah’s YouTube Channel – Sarah’s Fitness Blog –

25 thoughts on “The Best Pilates Core Workout Video

  1. I found these to be the best exercises to isolate my abdominals. Tired of watching those guys bodybuilding videos of countles stomach crunches, I became curious what women do for their abs,and bingo!! I totally switched my routine to pilates style
    with great results.Thanks for posting this video,happy to find you.

  2. amazing workout! thou my core was burning my neck hurt pretty bad after a while.

  3. @fuzzygreenplants If you don’t feel your lower abdomen burn during the workout, you may have been doing some positions wrong. I agree, though, my neck hurt when I had to hold it up, so I just set it down for just one exercise.

  4. I don’t think I was doing this right, because it hurt my neck more than anything else.

  5. Do some regular abs workouts, crunches and sit ups, bridge left side right side and center. all the stuff in this video works but its a lot harder than just doing the classic workouts everyone ignores cause ads say they don’t work. in reality they are some of the best to do

  6. why is she yelling the whole time, there is just one person right next to her.. that would piss me off!

  7. well I definitely need to work on my tumy. just saw some pics of myself and I look fat. def cutting carbs all week and trying various exercises. I like this technqie I like how it makes your abs workout and I know I can try it at home.

  8. Can anyone explain to me i read on a snapple cap that this can help make you taller and stand up straighter as well as work abs and burn fat?

  9. @Firecracker1314
    Whenever I feel my back straining, I know I do not have my core engaged. When you are on your back, suck your belly button into your spine & hold it there.

  10. @gaan69gaan Pilates was developed by a man actually 🙂 It’s beneficial to all 🙂

  11. @haileeyy13 it’s supposed to tone your stomach and that essentally gets rid of stomach fat. Don’t listen to MarkFoster123 because it’s the same thing and guys want abs but girls want toning. Not a 6 pack.

  12. There’s no such thing as getting rid of “stomach fat” if you want to get rid of stomach fat you need to lower your body fat in your whole body by dieting and exercising… Check out my channel for more tips on how to get abs fast!

  13. @Firecracker1314 probably your abs are very weak so your lower back is doing the work.. it should get easier. you need to ensure you focus on contracting your abs instead of using your lower back.

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