The Best Pilates Exercises For Toning Your Arms

Pilates Workout *Sponsor: Lose More in Less Time – Find more fitness videos at or own this video for just .75! Download the video by clicking the link below the Play Button. Special thanks to Pilates Studio The Best Pilates Exercises For Toning Your Arms is a free online exercise and fitness workout video. Trim, tighten and tone your arms with this classical Pilates method fitness video. Lose inches all over with Pilates. Check Out Video! Facebook: iTunes: Twitter Go behind the scenes w/ Sarah’s Blog- Sarah’s Fitness Blog – Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel –
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25 thoughts on “The Best Pilates Exercises For Toning Your Arms

  1. @taniarah
    Their called dumbells and you should buy a set of various weights. She has one pounders (useless).

  2. she forgets to mention, only comments at the end of the video, that for any pilates exercises, not matter what part of the body you are exercising, you must always hold back your abs and breathe, this is a very important rule in pilates

  3. What with the 1 pound dumbells? The exerciser in the video picks up grocery bags that heavier than that! There is no load… there is no benefit to lifting 1 lb dumbells

  4. i love all your videos! can somebody help on how to get the pink thing she’s carrying along the whole video.. how much should it weigh? and uhmm what is it called? Thanks!

  5. das ist echt super!
    habe ich probiert und es ist wirklich nicht so einfach! Echt cool!! 10 punkte

  6. these exercises wont get you any where.. hahaha. Fat people don’t even think about it if you want real results.

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