~Praise for the new book Ageless Pilates

Ageless Pilates ISBN 098231700X 188 pages 500+ Photos 23 Lessons 18 Workouts Available direct from the publisher and on Amazon.com 10% discount code: 33UW9BCJ Use this code at www.Ageless-Pilates.com – created at animoto.com

FREESTYLER™ PILATES – NEW WAVE REFORMER! The FREESTYLER™ Pilates incorporates virtually every basic Pilates exercise with the added benefit of progressive resistance. It is intended for all who want to strengthen their core muscles, prevent or ward off problems with back pain and develop lean and flexible muscles. The FREESTYLER™ Pilates workout is structured like a typical Pilates class that is done either on a mat, reformers or any other typically used equipment. The FREESTYLER™s unique system of rollers and elastic tubing provides numerous additional benefits in the Pilates workout. Strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdomen and back muscles as well as coordination, both muscular and mental, are key components in an effective FREESTYLER™ Pilates program. An explosion of demand for Pilates, a method of exercise and physical movement designed to strengthen, stretch, and balance the body is being experienced all over the world. Pilates exercises, as a whole, develop strong abdominal, back and deep postural muscles to support the skeletal system. Together they act as what Pilates called «the powerhouse« of the body. Not only the Pilates Method works to strengthen the centre of the body, the Pilates method also addresses the body as a whole. It works to lengthen the spine, increases body awareness, built muscle tone, and gain flexibility. For more information visit our websites: www.freestylerpro.com, http www.freestylerpro.com

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