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HardCore – 20/365
Pilates equipment
Image by joshjanssen
AUGUST 5 2010 | Photo 20/365:

If you didn’t pick it from my amazing physique, i’m a fitness freak. Well sort of. Every Thursday night I do Pilates.
In this photo I am sitting on one of the pieces of equipment. My instructor Kate has a lot of patience. Even when I get a little sick for forgetting to breath.

Bold Face: Energy-efficient illumination is SJ Lighting’s specialty
The Lake Township headquarters of SJ Lighting, consultants and installers of energy-efficient commercial and industrial lighting, will arise on vacant Cleveland Avenue NW property north of Mount Pleasant Street NW that once was a plant nursery.
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Weighing home workouts against fitness-club memberships
What’s better, a gym workout or the home version?
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