Portable Pilates – Book and CD Set

Portable Pilates – Book and CD Set

Pilates is probably the most sophisticated and sought after form of exercise today. Since the 1920’s it has been used to strengthen and stretch the bodies of professional dancers and athletes alike. Now, after 75 years, Pilates has become mainstream, finding its way into people’s homes through dozens of how-to books and videos. Yet, these instructional materials are incomplete. This CD provides the missing ingredient. It allows you to take an actual mat class under the direction and motivating v

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  1. Review by for Portable Pilates – Book and CD Set
    Portable Pilates is fantastic. I can’t imagine why someone didn’t think of making a CD Pilates class sooner. I have purchased several of the Pilates books on the market and while most of them are good, this is the only one that actually prompted me through an entire Pilates mat workout. I did not stop moving until it was over. Actually, the instructions were so simple I hardly had to look at the book at all. I have been to Tribeca Bodyworks and was so impressed with my classes there that I purchased this Book/CD combo….WOW! I was sore in all the right places, my abs and my rearend and my inner thighs too. Alycea, the author even wrote up a little test to take at the end with extra pointers. If you can’t get to a real studio or just can’t get there enough, Portable Pilates is the answer. I understand they are producing a whole series of these sets….I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you Alycea Ungaro!

  2. Review by for Portable Pilates – Book and CD Set
    I travel constantly. Between airline food, rich business dinners and inadequate hotel gyms it is difficult to maintain a trim waistline. A few months ago a friend introduced me to Pilates. After taking a few Mat Classes I bought a Pilates video online for my next trip hoping it was the answer to my expanding waistline. Unfortunately the only part of my body that got a workout was my neck. I went back online and found Portable Pilates. I have been using it ever since. The book provides cute and careful tips on form, but the CD is the real ticket. Instead of stopping and starting or craning my neck to follow a video, I am able to follow the voice on the CD. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The results have been amazing. My waistline is curving in instead of out, and my inner thighs are trimmer than they’ve been in years. Thank You Portable Pilates!!

  3. Review by for Portable Pilates – Book and CD Set
    Pilates has never been presented in such a convenient and non-intimidating manner. Alycea really gets you excited about the exercises–making it fun, rather than an “I-have-to-exercise-now” manner. I always find vacation, work travel and any other “leaving town” events as perfect excuses to skip my regular workout. Now I have no more excuses. Portable Pilates makes it so easy to just toss this book and CD into my suitcase and take my workout with me. Alycea’s voice is helpful and encouraging, plus the illustrations are SO CUTE–I look at those beads of sweat flying and it keeps me going! This is a wonderful book, perfect for anyone that’s had a few sessions of Pilates and wants to keep focusing on the mat workout. You won’t be disappointed, my tummy is already stronger!

  4. Review by Stephanie J. Ramos for Portable Pilates – Book and CD Set
    I bought this at the same time I bought the Pilates: Body in Motion book. I own the Classical Matt DVD and Brooke Sellars Book as well.At first I was not happy about the instructions that begin before each step, and I wish that they had a seperate segment without them, but I realized quickly that I needed it to hone back into the proper alignment. I worked harder than I had before at the intermediate level because her wonderful descriptions get you back in place. Obviously my errors have been made by others previously. The funky “music” is wonderful – not only are you hearing her words you are hearing what should be happening, which just takes it to another level. Somewhere between preschool and genius. I honestly just flipped through the book, which is beautiful and spiral bound. (Another great idea!) There is a great check list at the back to help you discern when you are ready to take it to the next level. I see myself using this once or twice a week, in place of the Classical Matt DVD that I use. The DVD is shorter without the intermission of learning the move. In the long run though I think it is great for the traveler and at home, u don’t have to crain to either a book or a TV to make sure you are at the right spot and it helps keep your form in check. I left my living room feeling longer and taller, smiling, knowing that I had just left a class at one the best pilates studios.

  5. Review by for Portable Pilates – Book and CD Set
    I’ve always hated “How To” books of any kind. However, I decided to buy Alycea Ungaro’s Portable Pilates book because it comes with an instructional cd, and I thought, “Hey, this is different!” I have a crazy schedule, and although I love taking mat classes, it is often difficult for me to get to one. Well, I opened up the book and popped the cd into my cd player, and it was fantastic! The tempo was just right, and the cues and helpful reminders were so clear, I hardly needed to look at the illustrations or read the explanations. But it’s great to have them there for when I’m not exactly sure of my knowledge. Of course I still go to mat classes when I can, but it’s wonderful to have the option of giving myself a good workout at home, or take it with me when I travel out of town.

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