What is a good early morning pilates exercise?

Question by Makayla: What is a good early morning pilates exercise?
I’m13 and I have to get up for school around 4:30 am. This year I wanted to make a habit that everyday I get up and do pilates. I’m not doing it to lose weight but more to just get exercise and wake-up. Is this a good thing? And what would be a good workout? I have a tape the workout is a little harder for the morning. Should I use the video and just push myself? Thanks in advance!!!

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Answer by bearbear
The goal in the morning would be to wake up the body gently and then get it moving. It is a good idea and you will be happier for doing it. With that in mind, here is a simple routine.

1. Pelvic tilts (warms up lower back), lay with knees bent, feet on the floor and gentle rock the hips forward and back, extending the spine then imprinting it into the floor. Try not to use the glutes to imprint, use the lower obliques.

2. Toe Dips, with back imprinted for protection and legs is chair postion, lower one leg toward floor with knee bent, only going down as far as you can keep low back on floor and abs pulled in (keep fingers over low abs, if they push up into your fingers you went to far.)

3. Crunches, legs in chair position, float head and shoulders up, looking toward belly button, and perform tiny crunches pulling abs in, keep from moving at the neck, let the ribcage move toward the hip bones.

4. Hundreds (can swap with crunches)

5. rolling like a ball

6. Series of five

7. Swan prep into swan (make sure to only extend up as far as you can keep abs in, also try to get skinny at the sides before lifting, it will make sure you engage the transverse)

8. Side leg series

9. Mermaid

10. Standing roll down to push up position and then back up. Do it 3- 5 times.

Basically, you want to move all the joints in the body and get some ab work in. I didn’t know how much time you had so I limited the exercise routine. Stott makes some good videos if you need some good guidance.

Good luck! If you have questions, feel free to email.

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