The Basic Pilates Equipments – 4 Must Haves

The Basic Pilates Equipments – 4 Must Haves

Winsor Pilates just can not be complete without the right equipments. These might range from the simple mats to the complicated trapezes.

These equipments are more or less an integral part of the Pilates fitness regime. Pilates equipments produce a certain level of resistance to help our muscles overcome all sorts of the problems arising during the work outs. Actually this resistance is what adds to your core strength.

Here is a brief glimpse of some of the basic equipments from the Winsor Pilates: Equipment

1. Reformer

a. One of the most popular Pilates Equipment, this one is recommended for use by almost all the Pilates practitioners.

b. No doubts then that this one can be found in almost all the Pilates Studio across the globe.

c. It is actually a sliding carriage with foot bars, leg & arm pulleys and the jump boards.

d. This machine helps the exercisers to work out different parts of their body using the same machine.

e. Reformers primarily are of two types:
i. Spring Reformers
ii. Gravity Reformers

f. The spring Pilates reformer uses springs to add resistance.

g. To use it one must lie on their back & pull using their arms and along side push with their legs.

h. Gravity reformers work almost with a similar concept that is push & pull, but in place of the springs it manages with the person’s own body weight.

i. In this case the person takes a diagonal position so that the gravity can be used to pull down the person, thereby a certain level of resistance that one needs to perfor the exercises.

2. Cadillac

a. This is also known as a trapeze table.

b. This equipment offered by the Pilates looks almost like a cage that has no bars though.

c. It has the frames.

d. Its bars are attached along with the springs & straps.

e. The extra bars are used to perform several kinds of exercises.

f. For instance, to do the legs-exercises, one must lie down facing towards an opposite direction from the strap (the strap that one is supposed to use). Next, put the strap around one’s legs. Now just pull it down. This way the resistance is felt in the thighs & calves.

g. One can also use the Cadillac or the trapeze table while sitting. Here, first select the strap you would use, face towards that strap, hold it in the hands tightly as you pull on it. Along side, you must lie down. Next just sit back up. This pattern of the work out is good for the abdomen.

3. Wunda Chair

a. It looks just a bench that is slightly higher.

b. It consists of two bars on the either sides.

c. A spring is attached to it.

d. You can use it either way – that is sitting or standing on the floor, and / or sitting or standing on the bench as well.

e. The exercise is to push on its bars.

4. Mats

a. There are ‘n’ number of exercises that the Pilates series comprise when it comes to the mat exercises.

b. Indeed, the Pilates Mats are a must have among all other Pilates equipments.

c. The mat exercises are generally done in groups.

d. Their focal points are trunk & hip areas.

e. These exercises strengthen thee areas.

f. For the spine and hips area, it adds to the flexibility of the body.

g. It is one of the least expensive equipments offered by the Pilates.

h. Its stocks are often limited at the Pilates centers as they sell the most.

i. It is a must buy as it is used for the back protection.

j. Remember, it does not offer any thing in terms of the resistance for its user, yet for those focusing on a limited budget, it is a great buy.

While these are only a handful of the commonly used exercising equipments offered by the Winsor Pilates, the Pilates Studios are the best place to look for several more great options in the field.

Many of these can easily be used at home as well such as:
a. Barrels
b. Pilates Balls
c. Pilates Rings

These though, are not one among the original equipments designed by Joseph Pilates. To be precise these have been derived for certain applications using the basic Pilates techniques.

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