Q&A: What are the best books/DVDs for learning Yoga and Pilates?

Question by Tricia B: What are the best books/DVDs for learning Yoga and Pilates?
I understand that others have asked similar questions but I didn’t find an answer to help. My doctor recommended that I start Yoga for some of my health concerns.

I looked into classes and can’t afford any right now. I was looking at trying a combination of a book and a DVD. Are there any specific books and/or DVD’s someone can recommend for beginner Yoga?

I am also looking into Pilates. Are there any specific books and/or DVD’s someone can recommend for beginner Pilates?

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Answer by chick a dee
I would recommend 10 minute soultion videos, the have pilates, kickboxing, muscle toning, exercise ball, and for yoga I would recommend Leslie Sansone’s You can do it Yoga video, I also love her Walk Away the Pounds video, these can be found at walmart, or online at amazon.com or ebay, that’s where I got mine,and I love them all, varitey is the key that I use to keep me up with exercise.

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  1. The Core! You can buy it anywhere! I bought mine at Target! I love it! Trust me its hard at first! But once you start doing it everyday you will do it longer and everyday and love to do it after a while! You lose weight and it tones you up fast! I started doing it 15 minutes a day for the 1st week then moved up to 30 and so on. Now I do it two hours a day and I lost weight and toned up fast and loved it! I even took a kick boxing class which is not expensive at all. Its great!

    But The Core workout is great! I wanted it and saw it on TV only and once I saw it in target it was worth spending the money! It cost only 60 bucks! Def worth it!

  2. I’m going to start with Pilates recommendations, since that discipline isn’t as wide and varying.
    For books, Brooke Siler’s The Pilates Body and anything by Alycea Ungaro are excellent.
    In terms of videos, you might want to look at Pilates for Dummies; beginning or basics videos by Hilary Burnett, Ana Caban, Moira Stott, and Mari Winsor; and Rael 7 Pilates.
    Once you’ve done some working through at least one of these more instructional videos, you might want to look into these slightly more beginner / intermediate videos that still provide good instruction on form, etc.: AM Pilates, the Crunch Pilates videos (like Pick Your Spot Pilates), Quick Fix Pilates (but not Quick Fix Pilates Abs – that one’s more intermediate), You Can Do Pilates, Prevention Flatten Your Belly with Pilates, The Quick and Dirty Guide to Pilates, and videos by Denise Austin and Kathy Smith.
    (As much as I enjoy the 10 Minute Solution Pilates videos, they do not provide enough form and breath instruction for a true beginner, nor does the second one, Rapid Results Pilates, in particular offer enough modifications for those without sufficient strength and/or flexibility to perform the exercises fully).

    I find yoga more difficult to recommend material for because there are so many different styles, but here are some ideas to get you started.
    For books, you might want to browse Yoga Journal’s Yoga Basics, The American Yoga Association Beginner’s Manual, Miriam Austin’s Cool Yoga Tricks, Judith Lasater’s 30 Essential Yoga Poses (or any book by her), Mark Ansari and Liz Lark’s Yoga for Beginners, even Yoga for Dummies and the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga are all right. If you’re tolerant of discussions of yogic meditation, I love Erich Schiffmann’s The Spirit and Practice of Moving Into Stillness.
    For videos, you might find this thread from VideoFitness.com’s forum as one place to start: http://forum.videofitness.com/showthread.php?t=12669.

    If you’re looking for more information on Pilates and yoga videos and books, I highly recommend CollageVideo.com, where you can see previews of the videos they have in stock and read customer reviews; VideoFitness.com, where you can read consumer reviews of a ton of videos and some books as well as ask questions on their forum; and YourExerciseDVDs.com, where you can read professional reviews of a number of videos.

    Good luck as you begin your yoga and Pilates practices! If you possibly can save up for one live class in each discipline early on, I highly recommend that. If you can’t, at least enlist someone to check your form every once in a while, as it can make a huge difference in the safety and enjoyment of both practices.

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