Are there different types of pilates?

Question by cats2006: Are there different types of pilates?
I’m going to take a class, it’s all done on a mat & looks like it is mostly for abs, legs & butt. I’m thinking the instructor told me that it was called something different than the joseph pilates????

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Answer by blueyed_puella
Joseph Pilates was a real person. (See, for example, this Wikipedia entry: In fact, he was the inventor of the Pilates systems of exercise, which he called Contrology.

There are different types of Pilates, although all ultimately derive from the exercises devised by Mr. Pilates. A few people, including Romana K and Classical Pilates, do only “pure” Pilates, as taught by the discipline’s founder, while others, like Stott Pilates, Winsor Pilates, and others tweak the exercises and sequences based on the personal experiences, preferences, influences, and knowledge. (The names of these Pilates types are usually named after their main person.) They vary slightly in their focus, pace, and sometimes even form. Additionally, you will find “fusion,” “Pilates-based,” or workouts devoted to the core that combine Pilates moves with exercises from other disciplines, such as normal gym routines, yoga, dance, etc.

Enjoy your Pilates class! Nothing beats a live class for learning proper form.

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