Ellie Herman’s Pilates Wunda Chair

Ellie Herman’s Pilates Wunda Chair

A manual for the Wunda Chair. This guide is meant for Pilates trainers and fitness professionals as well as for Pilates aficionados who want a deeper understanding of their own practice. The book takes you through the classic Wunda Chair repertoire as well as introducing original exercises devloped by Ellie Herman and her instructors over the last 15 years. The photos picture the Combo Chair manufactured by Ballanced Body, but all exercises can also be done on the Wunda Chair.

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5 thoughts on “Ellie Herman’s Pilates Wunda Chair

  1. Review by Andrew J. Adamson for Ellie Herman’s Pilates Wunda Chair
    This is another fine Pilates instruction manual from Ellie Herman. Exercises are carefully graded, well photographed and clearly cued. Particulary useful for newcomers to the Wunda/Combo Chair is the meticulous instruction for using the springs, having worked through the whole book I’ve found it to be very accurate. I have used the manual successfully on our UK Pilates Instructors training programme and would recommend for your library. I would love to have seen a section devoted to using the Chair for rehab, a tool for which it is ideally suited, maybe this will follow?

  2. Review by Kate Manka for Ellie Herman’s Pilates Wunda Chair
    The book is absolutely fantastic for teaching either introductory or advanced wunda chair repertoire – the introductory explanations are concise and the cues she provides for each exercise really help you to understand what the exercise requires. These are invaluable teaching aids. My only criticism is that the reproduction quality of the book is average which is a shame for a book which could become your ‘bible’.

  3. Review by Ollie Incomefree for Ellie Herman’s Pilates Wunda Chair
    I bought this book for a gift and was very disappointed in the quality. For $50 I really expected quality images and instead got something that looked like it had been mimeographed. That being said, the information within was great, terrifically detailed and clearly presented, so I swallowed my embarrassment and gave the gift anyway. In a nutshell, outstanding ($50) content in a cheesy ($15) wrapper.

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