24 thoughts on “10 min pilates sclupting

  1. @ThePintoAce Weightlifting can also improve flexibility, believe it or not. This lady has absolutely no idea what she is doing.

  2. @syzygy271
    Pilates is actually rreally good for the body.
    A lot of ppl just work out to gain muscle. but this is good for flexibility.
    Even Vitor Belfort (MMA fighter) does Pilate

  3. @spritzer555 actually it does heaps but i’m guessing you didnt try it, coz its actually really good and my arms are now really toned

  4. @syzygy271 actually , i did her 5 workouts on the dvd , this being one of the ten minute workouts , and it actually toned me nicely in days.

  5. God, this killed my arms! Love the encouragement between the reps; without that, I probably would have dropped my weights and given up halfway through!
    Great job! Please keep up with excellent work! Plus, now that I’ve gotten into pilates I can feel for myself how hard it can be. When people do it, it looks a lot like something old people would do, but I find it REALLy works well when you’re trying to tone your muscles! Thanks so Much! 😀

  6. It’s very disturbing how the entire female fitness industry is built on misinformation.

    This shit isn’t going to do anything for you except burn a miniscule amount of calories.

  7. i love ur work out videos …so shared a link of ur video in another site…i hope there is no coprights issue….

  8. “I would recommend only using about 2-3 pounds in each hand. We don’t really want to make your shoulders bigger, but rather we really want to TONE and DEFINE and SCULPT them”

    Wow. Unfit females attempting to get in shape are without doubt the most retarded human beings on the planet.

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