Question by Kimberly M: Pilates?????
I am looking to start a weight loss plan. I purchased a Pilates dvd by Lara Hudson called 10 minute solution. (with 5 10 min. workouts that you can combine for a 50 min. total body workout) Has anyone used Pilates for weight loss? How well did it work for you? I am looking to lose a total of 57 lbs.

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Answer by mbenitez6383
Pilates is great for toning your body but in order to lose weight you need to be burning calories and the best way to do that is by incorporating some cardio workouts to burn the calories along with the pilates to tone your muscles.

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  1. I love pilates! I don’tbelieve in short workout plans 10 minute this 8 minute that. I suggest buying a few different pilates dvds though as doing the same one constantly gets rather routine and boring. If you’re new to it definitely purchase the beginners workout plans becuase jumping into something intermediate or expert will really kick your butt (I’ve learned this from trying to be a tough girl, haha)

    I have a whole variety or workout dvds… from yoga, to pilates, to dancing, to billy blanks boot camp, to the balance ball dvds (which work very well by the way)

    Good luck!

    p.s. don’t forget the mat… much easier to maintain your balance and will keep you from slipping and sliding all over the carpet

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