who can tell me about stretch exercise(pilates roll over?

Question by Shen Hi: who can tell me about stretch exercise(pilates roll over?
i want to know about pilates roll over stretch after my toe touch the floor i can hold the position long time or after touch the floor bring my leg back to my start position.one more information i want to do this exercise for grow taller so i need some help to explain about this exercise.thanks in advance for your answer.

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Answer by Chris
exercises will not make you grow taller permanently.
A few things that help…
I was 5’7 at 23. now I am turning 24 in a month and I am 6’0. I grew the most during last summer because I actually started using super-growth height enhancer 6 month course.
the following helped me and still help:
1) Drinking at least 2 big glasses of milk a day.
2.) playing basketball and going swimming. Basketball really helps, and you should also work out your calves and thigh muscles, that helps too.
3)Eat alot, because when I started to get taller I didn’t gain a pound but I looked skinnier.
4) http://www.super-growth.com this is another natural solution to grow taller.

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  1. According to my pilates instructor to get taller you will have to do pilates stretches daily or the rest of your life. Gravity just keeps pulling us down. Hopefully someone with more instruction experience will add more information about that particular stretch/move.

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