How do I know which Pilates workout is right for me?

Question by Lubsy: How do I know which Pilates workout is right for me?
I’m looking for a Pilates workout video, but there are SO many options! How do I know what’s right for me? Here are my details:

– 5’7″ female, 180 lbs
– Want to tone and strengthen, but also lose weight
– Definite Pilates beginner, but I want advanced options too
– Don’t own any Pilates equipment; willing to purchase hand weights but not a mat at this time

I’m looking for a DVD with different expertise levels, as well as fat-burning options. I appreciate any suggestions!

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Answer by gated_amp
i dont know which one is right for you but here is some additional advice: pilates doesnt really burn that much fat. try adding in a cardio routine and slowly reducing calories and fatty foods. you will need protein though since pilates is so muscle and strength intensive. you’ll start to see some better gains with an interdisciplinary routine like that. good luck ! =)

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  1. Get winsor pilates its the best because usually they have beginners work-out’s and advanced in the same dvd. I’m doing the sculpting ball work-outs they seem to help alot when I do them at least 3 times a wk. You can notice a change in your body and it also makes you look slimmer. But if you want to lose alot of weight you will need to do cardio too because it may help you lose a little but if you don’t diet enough you wont lose much. So try out the winsor pilates its the best! You can get the dvd at

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