A Pilates’ Primer : The Millennium Edition

A Pilates’ Primer : The Millennium Edition

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This Millenium Edition includes the only two published works of Joseph Pilates. Newly copyrighted, edited and revised, this book makes available in one volume all of his early Twentieth Century philosophies, principles, and theories about health and fitness, as well as the exercises, poses, and instructions fundamental to his exciting fitness program. He bases his work on the concept of a balanced Body and Mind and on the approach espoused by the early Greeks.

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5 thoughts on “A Pilates’ Primer : The Millennium Edition

  1. Review by for A Pilates’ Primer : The Millennium Edition
    This book is a great introduction for beginners and will teach pilates veterans a thing or two. It focuses on the body, mind and personal aspects of finding the perfect pilates workout and understanding how each element of the prgram works. This book is alone enough to teach you about pilates and assist you with your home or gym pilates routine. Pilates is not easy – it takes focus and discipline but the mental spiritual and physical results beat any other exercise program out there. This book will help you help yourself.

  2. Review by Amy Brown for A Pilates’ Primer : The Millennium Edition
    This book is helpful for one reason – it’s the real Pilates and you actually get to see his photo. So many people jumped on his bandwagon, rennovated his moves, and polished the picture, that it was nice to see what the man was actually talking about. Instead of one book, you get two short books. The first is Pilates’ Return to Life Through Contrology (published in 1945; 95 pages) where he describes 34 exercises with 4 photos each (old B&W) and complete step by step written instructions. This is the part of the book that I used to compare with the modern day Pilates video I purchased. Only some of his exercises were included in the video as I suspected, and it was nice to see them all which is the reason I bought the book. I still use the video because I got used to the routine, but I plan 🙂 to start incorporating his other exercises. The second short book (60 pages) is “Your Health” and describes his philosophy of health mixed in with a few real old photos of exercises. I did not get as much out of this part (published in the 1934 mindset), except for the fact that breathing means keeping the belly in instead of out like a balloon (yoga style). After all, if you don’t work the muscles around the abdomen to “go in,” they “go out,” and that’s the real gist. Thank you Pilates for teaching us about working the “core,” because I can really feel the difference. The killer is that Pilates is easier than crunches, and it’s the ONLY thing that really works the abs and makes them feel flat.

  3. Review by Marcos Alejandro for A Pilates’ Primer : The Millennium Edition
    I think it is very important that people get to the originals works and ideas before listening to what others say about them. This Pilates works are the core of his Philosophy and must be undertood to fully comprenhend what many Pilate instructors or authors, men and women, are writing or teaching in todays world.
    Here Pilates expose his thesis. This method of exercises are looking to re-integrate body and mind into a whole by re-teaching our bodys to be natural again, just as it was meant to be before human enter in the new slavery of modern times.
    Don’t expect pretty words, poems or trascendental meditation. Expect an argument, a philosophical statement and a contribution to a debate about the role of excersices on human well been. Read it and discuss it on gyms, ballet or dance classes, martial arts schools, with personal trainers, physical educational teachers, family and friends.

  4. Review by Beth Cholette for A Pilates’ Primer : The Millennium Edition
    This book is a compilation of two original works by the founder of the Pilates exercise system, Joseph H. Pilates. The first book, Pilates’ Return to Life Rhough Contrology (“contrology” was the name that Pilates himself gave to his system) provides an overview of the method, including detailed descriptions of the 34 original mat exercises in the system complete with Pilates himself demonstrating via black and white photos. In the second work, Your Health, Pilates lays out some of the basic principles of contrology; concepts covered in this work include posture, body mechanics, and breathing. Those who have never read any of Pilates’ original writings before will note that his passion about his work comes across as a certain smugness and conceit; in both books, he makes extraordinary claims about the benefits of the Pilates method and seems convinced it is the only way to attain true health and fitness.

    Those who are familiar with Pilates matwork may also note that Joseph Pilates’ own descriptions of the exercises (in Contrology) differ somewhat from how these exercises are usually presented today. For example, when lying prone, he often shows the legs raised only a few inches off the floor, whereas today, it is generally recommended to keep the legs at a 45-degree angle relative to the floor. In addition, Pilates often shows his back in a more extreme curve than what is seen in modern teachings. My guess is that these modifications have been made to the system to be more protective of the spine, especially in absence of working one-on-one with a Pilates instructor.

    Although I found that Joseph Pilates’ writing style was a bit dry and thus sometimes difficult to slog through, it was still fascinating to read about the technique from the founder himself. This book isn’t for everyone, but I would definitely recommend it for those looking to learn more about Pilates directly from the horse’s mouth.

  5. Review by for A Pilates’ Primer : The Millennium Edition
    Joseph Pilates relates his original exercise set and his original philosophies of fitness in this double volume containing the only two books he ever personally published. Edited and updated for the new millennium, the instructions in this book represent the official backdrop of Pilates’ writings against which all the newest books by students and teachers must be measured.

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