STOTT PILATES: Split-Pedal Stability Chair

STOTT PILATES: Split-Pedal Stability Chair

The Split-Pedal Stability Chair workout incorporates bilateral, unilateral and reciprocal movement variations to help you challenge core stability and balance muscular strength. This well-rounded workout will leave you feeling strong, toned and connected. Ideal for circuit training and performance enhancement. INSTRUCTIONAL LEVEL: Level 4 of 5 EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Split-Pedal Stability Chair

List Price: $ 32.95

Price: $ 32.95

Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair – with Black 52cm Ball and a Pump

  • Factory direct price: same manufacturer, same quality, same patented design as sold by others
  • Includes a 52cm ball, available in your choice of colors, and a small starter pump
  • Bonus – Comes with an exclusive “no-guess” exercise ball tape measure for proper inflation
  • Rolling base with 4 wheels, 2 of which are lockable
  • 21″W x 31″H x 22″D, 300 lb limit, best for people 5′ to 5’11” (optional “height adapters” add 2″)

Isokinetics Ball Chairs are the same chairs sold by others, only at a manufacturer direct price. No middleman means no need to pay more! And, we provide all of our chairs with a 1 year guarantee. As an additional bonus, we provide an exclusive exercise ball measuring tape that takes the guesswork out of inflating your ball. Sitting on an exercise ball while at home or work promotes flexibility, coordination, motor skills, core strengthening, and balance. Your body, when positioned on top of an e

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Price: $ 74.95

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  1. Review by Linda Bowen for Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair – with Black 52cm Ball and a Pump
    I and 3 of the girls that work for me got one of these “chairs”. Two of us had been using a regular exercise ball, but due to the fact we are up and down alot during the day we decided to try the ones that are on casters. The “chairs” arrived sooner than expected and were easy to set up…well, except for the air pump, it was cheesy. We used a better pump we had on hand. The only problem I could state is the fact that the brakes on the casters will lock on their own, but it hasn’t been a huge problem.

    As far as the total experience of sitting on the ball chair all day at work, getting up and down and moving from the keyboard to the file drawer without having to get up (as I had to do with the regular exercise ball) it is a great chair! The exercise ball by itself took concentration and it was not good to wear a skirt or dress while sitting on it. With the casters it’s no problem to wear a dress.

    One of the girls had been using the Wii Fit Board prior to sitting on this chair. After about a week or so her fitness scores went up on the Wii; for better balance and core fitness. All of us have noticed better posture since using the ball chair. It is possible to slouch while sitting on it, but it is not comfortable to slouch. For some reason it is just more comfortable to sit up straight.

    One of the girls had been having minor back pain and she said she hasn’t had it since using the ball chair.

    We do get allot of comments from customers about how weird or funny it looks, but it has not deterred any of us to go back to a regular chair. It just gives us a chance to applaud the attributes of how much better our balance, posture and core fitness is and tell them “We are always on the ball”.

    Of the four of us that bought the chair, we all like it 100% and have not gone back to the regular chairs provided to us by the county. We have all been using the Balance Ball Chair since the day we got them, 1 1/2 months ago.

    10/7/2010: 2 YEARS AND 2 MONTHS LATER AND WE ARE STILL USING THE BALANCE BALL CHAIRS. One of the balls got a leak and she had to buy a new one. Other than that no problems. I have since hired a new girl and she also bought a ball chair like ours …. I highly recommend the chair … plus they are tons cheaper than any office type chair.

  2. Review by Katya Martell for Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair – with Black 52cm Ball and a Pump
    I ordered this chair here – the same chair my friend got somewhere else for $150! I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and love it! I have a really comfortable leather office chair, but I slouch in it, and really wanted a better desk set-up. I have to say that I’m glad I kept my old chair, because as I get used to sitting up with good posture for long periods of time, sometimes I need a break. My middle back muscles start to hurt, just because they are weak, as I’ve been slouching at my desk for so long! My chiropractor said to just keep with it and the muscles will get stronger, and its true, I can sit in on this chair for hours at a time now.

    The pump isn’t that bad – at first you think its going to take forever, but its really only 10 or 15 minutes. I definitely recommend following the directions and filling it up to 80% and then letting the ball sit for 24 hours before inflating fully. After the 24 hours and filling mine up to 100%, I had to let some of the air go to get to a comfortable height for my desk. Easy to do.

    Only two problems – I ordered the red ball, and I got yellow. I’m keeping it, the yellow is cool, just not what I was expecting. Wasn’t a big deal to me. The other problem is that my 2 year old wants to take the ball out of the chair and play with it all the time. =)Good thing I have another chair to use when he’s around.

  3. Review by Shawn LoCascio for Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair – with Black 52cm Ball and a Pump
    The isokinetics ball chair works like a charm. I recommend it for anyone who wants to improve their sitting posture and improve their health in the process. Instead of alot of fluff about how I love the chair, I will make this easy and concise.

    – If you sit at a desk and are contemplating between this or just a plain ball, get this. You don’t worry about the ball rolling away and you don’t worry about being too low.

    – This is the less expensive of the available offerings. I can see no real difference between this one and the gaiam.

    – As you can see, there are no arms. If you have a keyboard tray at correct level, it wont be an issue. If your keyboard and mouse are not at a good ergonomic level, you may find your arms straining.

    – The construction is solid. Yes, it is plastic, but it is not flimsy fisher-price plastic as mentioned. Use this as it is intended and you will have no problems.

    – To avoid the ball explosions (that sounds dirty) others have noted, pay close attention to the instructions when the chair arrives. You wont be using this chair day one out of the box.

    – The “back” of the chair is not actually a back, it is for balancing. It is not intended that you lean back on this ball chair. The instructions includes exercise recommendations and the “back” comes into play then.

    – Go slow at first. Your spine needs to adjust to sitting up straight. Eventually you can sit the day on the ball and improve core strength as well as posture. At first, it may actually hurt if you sit too long.

    – While it is not impossible to slouch, the chair does make it less comfortable to do so.

    – The wheel locks others complained about… there are only two. make sure you put those wheels in back and you wont kick them. They have not fallen any other time other than when I did something to cause them too.

    I have noted improvements in posture in just a few weeks of owning and using this chair. I dont wake with a stiff back anymore and I seem to be walking an inch or two taller as of late.

    Here’s to your health!

  4. Review by Bill Nicholas for Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair – with Black 52cm Ball and a Pump
    I bought one of these Isokinetics chairs for my wife and, yes, it does appear to be the exact same balance ball chair others are selling for a lot more. Nice quality. A neat little thing they provide with the ball is a measuring tape designed for exercise balls. It tells you exactly when the ball reaches the right size. I’ve got to say the pump that comes with it is a lot of work, like 15 minutes to fill the ball up, but what do expect for free? Good buy.

  5. Review by T. Rodgers for Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair – with Black 52cm Ball and a Pump
    We have nice, ergonomic, rather expensive chairs at the office. The problem is that whenever I work at my desk I slide down into a vertical position, with horrible posture, and tend to zone out of what I’m doing. I wanted a chair that would keep me alert and improve my posture, so I ordered this ball chair, assuming it would be good to use for 1 or 2 hour stretches, once in a while.

    Right now, I can’t imagine using any other chair at work. If I’m in my office, then I’m on this chair.

    Pros / Cons / Other Notes:

    – This chair looks cheap. The back and base look like they were built by Little Tikes. Actually, it looks adequately built considering the price, but it kind of sticks out sitting next to a Herman Miller. Still, it works and seems sturdy (even if I can’t vouch for longevity).

    – I work in a male dominated work place where everyone gives and takes, and they sure have given it to me for sitting on a ball. Still, given the interest, there are others who will probably follow my lead. They laugh, make fun and then they copy you.

    – You will be sore after using this the first few times. I’m a very active person and this is still a legitimate workout for the ‘core’ – essentially a number of muscles along the back, side and abdominal. If you don’t work out abs/back regularly, you WILL be sore….very sore, in fact. If you do work out, then this will still hit those odd muscles you didn’t even know you had. Like anything, once your body gets used to it, it’s no sweat.

    – Men Only: The ball can squish your balls. This is actually a very minor problem, because you learn quickly how to sit and what not to do. Avoiding those positions becomes second nature.

    – It makes you alert. I don’t get sleepy, have bad posture or zone out at work while sitting on this chair. It works incredibly well for this purpose.

    – Rubber balls don’t breathe. If I’m sitting for an extended period, your butt might sweat. Nothing serious though. Just remember to stand up and walk around once in a while.

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