How To Choose The Right Pilates Instructor In Carlsbad, California

How To Choose The Right Pilates Instructor In Carlsbad, California

Choosing Pilates Instructor in Carlsbad, Oceanside and Encinitas is not easy because there are so many studios and instructors with variety of qualifications and backgrounds. Today competition is harder than ever. Economy is down and many studios are facing financial problems due to lack of clients. Right now the quality and Pilates instructor’s education are more important than during the “old good times” when just the word “Pilates” made money. Times are changed now!

Here are Five Tips to choosing the right Pilates studio and best Pilates instructor for you.

1. Qualification. Always check that your Pilates instructor is certified. Pilates certifications are generally divided into two parts – mat Pilates and comprehensive Pilates certification. Comprehensive Pilates certification covers all Pilates equipments and takes from 6 months to one year to complete. A good, comprehensive Pilates education includes at least 500 lecture and practice hours. Balance Body, BASI Pilates, Peak Pilates, Power Pilates, Stott Pilates and Pilates Method Alliance have all a good comprehensive Pilates education for teachers. Pilates instructor who is only mat Pilates certified is not qualified to teach Pilates with equipment.

2. Education and Experience. Does the Pilates instructor have any other related education than Pilates? How many years Pilates instructor have been teaching? Pilates is available in two styles such as fitness Pilates and rehabilitation Pilates. If you have any orthopedic problems i.e. lower back pain, knee, hip or shoulder problems, be sure that your Pilates instructor has required skills, knowledge and background to work with rehab clients. You teacher has to know how to modify Pilates exercises for you and your specific needs. The basic Pilates education provides very little information about rehabilitation, and while many doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists recommend Pilates, which is good, but they don’t know what the Pilates instructor can or can’t do. Beware of “one size fits all” Pilates but go with the Pilates instructor who has the experience to tailor Pilates for your needs.

3. Personality and teaching style. If you can’t get along with your Pilates instructor, don’t be afraid to switch him/her to another one. Many studios have many instructors and they all have different personalities and different teaching styles. You pay for a good, personalized service and you have your rights to complain if you are not satisfied. If the teacher is talking too much or not correcting and guiding you properly, that is not correct Pilates style that she is teaching to you. Pilates is both body and mind exercise, so concentration, control and precision should always be present in all your Pilates movements and teaching.

4. Price. Price and quality does not always go hand in hand. Pilates private class rates vary typically between -/h. Some studios have higher price when performed by owners compared to other Pilates instruction staff. However, sometimes this isn’t quite a good deal because the owner might have the same or even less experience and education than the other instructors. Check the qualifications every time!

5. Searching the Internet. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing are the leading sites to search Pilates studios and instructors, but also Yelp and Merchant circle (they are more local) are good. When you do the search, it’s important to choose the right keywords. Searching a local Pilates service you can use the following:  carlsbad pilates or pilates carlsbad. If you have more special needs you should add more keywords, like the following: pilates back pain carlsbad, rehab pilates carlsbad, pilates fibromyalgia carlsbad, pilates pregnancy carlsbad, golf pilates carlsbad etc. When you find an interesting studio, read their website carefully and especially study their Pilates instructors bios. If studio has any client reviews check them out too. And it’s a good idea to call the studio for any further questions.

Good match with a Pilates instructor makes your classes much more enjoyable and you will get a lot of valuable information about your body and how it works efficiently and safely by improving you muscle strength and flexibility and your joints mobility and stability. Pilates will help you look and feel your very best, making Pilates optimal for both fitness clients and those that need to rehabilitate their injuries. Happy searching!

Tuula Niskanen has college degrees of Physical Therapy and Sports Instructor. She holds advanced certifications in Spinal Stabilization Training, Golf Conditioning, Mat Pilates and Comprehensive Pilates Teaching. She offers her personal Pilates Services in 2 studios in Carlsbad and Encinitas, CA. More about Tuula’s Pilates services at PilatesWise website.

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