Pilates: Body in Motion

Pilates: Body in Motion

The most authoritative, step-by-step guide to Pilates available on the market. Popular for decades with dancers, athletes, and celebrities, the Pilates Method is the perfect equipment-free workout for a stronger, leaner, fitter body. With great emphasis on precision and awareness, not only is Pilates great for the body, but for the mind as well. Using step-by-step mat-work exercises and a wide range of programs, from beginner to advanced, Pilate’s Mind and Body is the only practical

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  1. Review by M. E. Volmar for Pilates: Body in Motion
    Pilates is a method of exercising, shaping and toning the body that’s very different from a common workout. Two years ago I started doing Pilates aided by a very good book called The Pilates Body by Brooke Siler. In the first few weeks I had already lost some weight, was noticing the outline of my muscles and had stopped feeling hungry all the time. I have since dropped two dress sizes and I still do the workout daily.

    After going through five other books I think that Pilates: Body in Motion is, without a doubt, the best Pilates workout book to date. Why? Well, first, the book is organized in a logical and easy-to-study format that helps to memorize and follow the different levels of the workout program without missing a single step, and allows browsing through them for quick consultations.

    Second, it presents the complete sequence for each exercise photographed, and step-by-step instructions for each movement with detailed, but simple, explanations of posture, breathing and motion.

    Third, it has complimentary information for each exercise: number of repetitions, warnings and alternatives for people who shouldn’t perform particular exercises, modified versions to make sure the program is adaptable to almost anyone, dos and don’ts to insure proper execution, and transitional positions between following exercises to maintain the rhythm of the workout.

    Fourth, it includes a thorough explanation of the key principles of the Pilates method, whose application is fundamental to achieve the benefits offered by the workout.

    Fifth, it contains preparation exercises for each level (from beginner to advanced) that serve as a sort of test to indicate when to move on to the next level.

    I recommend this book to anyone serious about maintaining a healthy, toned, and well-shaped body. I would also recommend buying The Pilates Body by Brooke Siler for additional exercises and The Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford for a natural and effective way to backup your workout on advice on how to eat.

    –Reviewed by M. E. Volmar

  2. Review by dnk for Pilates: Body in Motion
    There are other good Pilates books out there. Brooke Siler’s Pilates Body, in my opinion, raised the bar for all Pilates books- and so far few have come close. Jennifer Kries’ Pilates Plus Method is VERY comprehensive and tells you more about muscle relationships and breathing patterns than you thought you needed to know, as well as quite a bit about yoga and dance. However, for the student who wants to learn Pilates (and not yoga or dance), this is the book to use.Ungaro gives a brief description of the origins of Pilates (and hers is slightly more detailed than some of the other accounts) as well as an introduction to Pilates terminology and principles. READ THESE if you are just starting out. Also, better than other sources I have read, she explains why some movements are considered “Beginner” and some are “Advanced”- good information for anyone who has ever scratched their head when watching a video or following another manual.Then to the body of the book. She first lays out the Introductory Program, a series of six or seven of the most basic Pilates movements done with modifications. Then the Beginner’s Program, which is exactly the Introductory program only with more traditional form. For the Intermediate and Advanced programs, she uses guides which show all of the exercises in order. In addition to being a good quick reference to what sequence to use, it also gives the reader a sense for how each exercise should flow into another.The exercises themselves are explained with photographs linking breathing to each “mini movement” and just enough text to explain what to do. The photographs in this book- as well as the pages themselves- are perfect. Color photographs in muted tones that make it easy to see what you’re supposed to do without being distracting.Ungaro also includes Circle and Wall exercises. These smaller, shorter routines can be incorporated into your day when you don’t have time for a full mat workout, or added on to complement it. One drawback: she does not include the any of the Standing Sculpting Series (used with light weights). If you need a reference for this, see Siler’s book. Otherwise, this is the perfect Pilates manual.

  3. Review by for Pilates: Body in Motion
    Pick up Pilates:Body in Motion and you know you’re actually going to work out with it. The photos are so beautiful and inspirational I found myself lying down immediately to attempt the routine. The introduction is thorough and simple to follow. The author sets the stage for the student to perform each exercise according to the principles she explains in the introduction.Several added bonuses which I found in this book that were not in any of the other books I looked at. 1) There are breathing instructions on every page for every exercise. 2) Ms. Ungaro is a Physical Therapist and so each exercise comes with a “caution” for certain injuries. I found this very helpful as I have an old knee injury. 3) There is an actual “TRANSITION” for each exercise to help you link one exercise to the next. Although I haven’t gotten that far, I imagine that this routine will be very aerobic if you keep moving through the exercises without stopping.I have been doing the intro section now for just about a week and I think I have the “scoop” concept down pat. I plan to move on to the beginner section next week. I will write another review as my results become apparent.

  4. Review by for Pilates: Body in Motion
    Pilates: Body in Motion is a stunner. I picked this book up at the bookstore and my first thought was – “wow, this is so beautiful, I bet the content is poor”. Well, I was wrong. The pictures and gorgeous layout are actually secondary to the clear, precise, and extraordinary instruction that author Alycea Ungaro provides for each and every exercise.I am a Pilates student and have been working out at a studio for about 5 years now. I have many of the other Pilates books but from now on I will only refer to Pilates Body in Motion. The Pilates Body by Brooke Siler has been my best resource until now but that book is very long winded and a bit weak on photographs. This book by Ungaro really put it all together. Great design, superlative instruction and a good price too. I am planning to buy her audio Mat class next to put her instructions and her live voice together for a true “real-time”experience.

  5. Review by for Pilates: Body in Motion
    I have just recieved and read through Pilates: The Body in Motion and I am absolutely thrilled to have it. DK publishers are known for their beautiful layouts and incredible assortment of how-to books. This book is no exception.I have been doing Pilates for about a year, following along with several other books as well as Ana Caban’s tape series. Not one of the other materials has the information that this book has. The introduction is incredibly detailed and the author even provides charts to follow along with for whatever level you are working out. The first section of the book has an introductory exercise with a checklist to see if you remembered to “think” your way through the movement. Very useful. I found this to be key to getting in the right frame of mind to do my Pilates workout. But I think my favorite thing about this book is the “Head-to-toe Checklist” – which illustrates all the mistakes that I could possibly make. Sometimes they are quite funny to look at, but mostly I think they provide a good visual reminder of what NOT to do.All in all, this is a great value for the money and by far the most comprehensive Pilates book out there. Bravo to DK and Alycea Ungaro.

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