Is pilates a really good form of exercise?

Question by Stacey: Is pilates a really good form of exercise?
I am currently trying to loose weight, and so far its going well. In 5 weeks I have lost 11 pounds (5 kilo’s) through basic healthy eating and would like to exercise more. I hate the gym, and have just taken up pilates… I certainly felt it working the next day!! But does any one know if long term it will aid my weight loss?

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Answer by carol_pilates
Yes, Pilates will help you, but in itself it is not enough. For healthy weight loss that you can sustain long-term you need to combine healthy eating habits (which you’ve started doing – congratulations!) with cardio training (brisk walking, cycling and such like) and resistance work like pressups, squats and so on which build and strengthen muscles. Pilates does its bit by strengthening your inner muscles which makes the rest of your exercise much more effective.
If you hate the gym, try getting a Personal Trainer to teach you a home programme, or go to some classes. You don’t need to love exercising – you just need to DO it!!
Best of luck.

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