What do you think of pilates?

Question by x: What do you think of pilates?
I am trying to lost weight, and I was wondering about pilates. Does it help lose weight? Or does it only tone? Does anyone really strongly recommend it? I am doing cardio (jogging and/or swimming) already, so should I do both?
Also, I live in a small town so there isn’t an instructor or classes here, so I was wondering if anyone had used the Pilates For Dummies book, and was it good?

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Answer by Mike G
strongly strongly recommend pilates! Very good workout! IT will strengthen and tone your midsection and your thighs very quickly. Yoga is also good to do with pilates if you have the energy.

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  1. Pilates works for toning. I have been doing the Pilates Abs routine and it’s great to tone and elongate your muscles. You do sweat a lot but it’s mostly from holding or contracting your muscles.
    Cardio or aerobic exercises (the oens that raise your heartbeat and make you need more air) are the only ones that will aid in fat burn. And building more muscle mass will help you burn fat faster and burn it even while at rest.
    All of this together with a low fat diet that is balanced.

  2. it will probably tone you up, but if you want to lose weight you simply have to burn more calories than you consume. Your body will then turn to body fat for enegy and you will lose weight.

  3. I like Pilates and it is a good toning exercise. What I would do is alternate cardio with Pilates. Cardio burns fat and Pilates tones (it’s especially good for toning your stomach). You will build muscle from toning and it helps you lose weight too. The more variety of exercise you do the better.
    I like the Winsor Pilates exercise videos, myself. You could even see if your local library has some to check out.

  4. Swimming is the best bar none because of the low-impact, high aerobic value. Pilates is good for those who want to tone their bodies. It won’t strengthen your heart in any way. Continue jogging and swimming but remember that maybe your diet needs to change.

  5. Pilates works on your lean muscle mass and burns fat. If you do it properly for the right amount of time it is a complete workout and all you’ll ever need.

    Personally I do not do pilates because I believe to get the most out of it you have to go to a class with a professional instructor to truely get all the benefit. If I had the money and time that is what I would do.

    I do a simple exercise routine in my home. It is free, effective and listed below.

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