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Image by Neeta Lind
Grandpa says real athletes don’t do pilates. Rachel disagrees and got him a book for Valentine’s Day

Indulge in fabulous fish ‘n’ chips in Victoria. B.C.
One of the last bastions of the endangered all-deep-fried meal is the fish ‘n’ chips shop and one of the best places to find them is Victoria, B.C.

RNZFB election results announced
RNZFB election results announced and blind cyclist honoured for inspiring achievements The Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind (RNZFB) congratulates its four new Board directors for the coming year, after the election announcement at the RNZFB’s …

GENE LYONS: Elitist? Moi?
Almost the worst thing anybody can call you today is an “elitist.” Elites, it seems, are downright un-American.
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Do you belong to the Elites? Take this test and see!
This is the social class Stephen Harper, Rob Ford and Tea Partiers love to dump on
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