I need help with one pilates exercise?

Question by monieval_74: I need help with one pilates exercise?
I just got into this pilates workout,but there is one problem. There is just one exercise that is so hard for me to do, its called the roll up. It looks so easy just by watching it, but in reality for me I can barely well sort of can’t roll back up. I’m not fat , I’m you can say petite 5’2 with a Medium frame. Well, I was a small frame and weighed 106 and right after I had my son I’m a medium frame and weigh 148. I just need some advice or pointers about these pilates exercises? What do I do first for cardio and the pilates like the roll up and etc… Any advice?

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Answer by Bonduesa
doing the roll-up takes time and practice. What you need to do, is just go up as far as you can, and don’t worry about not being able to do it.. In time, a month or two, your muscles will become stronger and you will be able to do a roll-up. Just stick with it. Good luck.

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  1. Are you talking about the exercise where you lay flat on your back and then you roll yourself up to the top of a sit-up?
    My piece of advice is to make sure you imprint your core (i.e. pull your abs in tight and press the spine into the floor, getting rid of the space between your back and the floor). Stablizing is very important in Pilates and once your core is solid, the movements are much easier.
    Since you said you just got into practicing Pilates, give yourself time. It is more than exercise, it’s an art form that lends the body both spiritual and mental stimulation (as well as physical). Keep trying and it will get easier – I promise!
    Good luck.

  2. The most effective way to “burn fat” is to do cardio first. That way your metabolism is up and your body is in fat burning mode while you continue to do pilates.

    The roll up can be tough to do, but can also be conquered. Most importantly you need to breath correctly through the entire exercise. You also need to keep your back to the floor and your belly button sucked in towards your spine. If you need to use your hands to help yourself up that’s okay and it’s better to do that then to do the roll up incorrectly. You will need to inhale as you lift your upper body off the floor and keep the abs sucked in as you exhale and bend over while reaching towards your feet. Inhale again as you lift back up into a sitting position and then exhale as you lower yourself to the floor one vertebrate at a time. It is a slow movement so don’t rush it. And, again, use your hands to help pull yourself up if you need to.

  3. Some cardio work should help. The elliptical machine at they gym burns the most calories per minute, and is kind to your joints. If a gym isn’t feasible, walking briskly is good too.
    As far as the rollup is concerned, you have several alternatives. Working with your instructor or the instructor and a partner, go partway down and then partway back up. Put your hands under your thighs to help pull you up if necessary. Enough reps and you should be able to go farther back down and then back up.
    Another alternative is to go partway down and keep your arms straight out in front of you. Your partner can help pull you back up. (This requires some strength from the partner—you don’t want to injure the partner by relying too much on her/him).
    “Rolling like a ball” is somewhat similar. You might try this exercise and see if the muscle memory translates, as it should, to the rollup. When you get to the point where “rolling like a ball” can be done without the use of momentum, and you balance on your glutes without your feet touching the floor, you should be ready to make progress on the rollup.

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