How do you tone those inner thighs?

Question by Wondering: How do you tone those inner thighs?
I want to lose 20 pounds and tone my body. I’ve started weight watchers and I know I will do it because I’ve done it before, but it’s the toning that gets difficult. I have an ab rocker for my crunches and an exercise bike for my legs and cardio, but what about those inner thighs? They are so hard to tone, I also have a book on pilates, I don’t know if that will help or not. Anyone have any ideas on the best and the quickest way to help tone the inner thighs?

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Sitting at your computer on Yahoo! Answers isn’t going to work.

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  1. squats and lounges will whip them into shape fast. Use light weights to avoid getting bulky. Lighter weights will help with tone. There is no way to really isolate inner thighs, despite what the infomercials tell you.

  2. take a large ball, put it between your knees and try to pop the ball with the strength of your legs only… do this over and over again.

  3. leg lifts, are great. As a soccer player we work on our legs alot. Get some anckle weighs and lay down on the floor, slowly raise one leg to a 45 degree angle while keeping the othe leg resting on the floor, the bring your leg down. do this 15 times then rest then 15 more times then rest then 15 again. this works the back of the quads (thighs)

    Lay on your side, and raise a leg slowly and slowly bring it down. that is a great one, also if you have a chair laying on you left side put your right foot on the seet of the chair then raise your left leg to touch the bottom of it.
    All these things you can do in 15 min in your own house to help tone up your bod.

    Good luck

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