Why are people still buying Gratz pilates equipment/apparatus? ?

Question by Master Pilates Instructor: Why are people still buying Gratz pilates equipment/apparatus? ?
We all know that the quality has gone down hill and certain organizations have even gone to forcing their instructors to buy from them in order to stay in good graces. But is it worth it? I have several of their reformers next to some models not made by Gratz, and it’s obvious to tell with ones are inferior. Gratz stuff is just not worth the money any more and a simple search on Google will tell you that.

So why do people keep doing it? Do we really need to belong to that specific group that we’re willing to sacrifice quality, performance, and our clients’ well-being just? Am I alone on this?

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Answer by Marc R
I found your question because it came up in the first ten on the yahoo search for alternatives to Gratz apparatus. I totally agree with you, I’m sick and tired of second-rate Gratz stuff and want a better alternative. I don’t care how pissed off it may make some people (and we know who some people are), I want something better for my clients then the junk coming out of Gratz. I thought that it was just me, but there seems to be alot of people angry about how they’re being forced into buying from Gratz and punished if they don’t.

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