2 thoughts on “How effective is pilates exercise in getting ride of Cellulite?

  1. Cellulite alone is hard to get rid of. However, Pilates helps with toning and will take a little bit away but not all of it.

    I would suggest scrubbing it in the shower. Cellulite is fatty tissue that’s in a ball-like shape. Everytime you shower, scrub at it hard with a louffa.

    Drink lots of water. This will help as well.

  2. Exercise of any kind isn’t going to have any real effect on cellulite. The two are not directly related. Most over the counter creams won’t do it either. The only legitimate options for longer lasting results are clinical treatments like Mesotherapy or VelaSmooth. They’re reasonably affordable. A good resource to try is http://www.signatureforum.com. It breaks down various anti-cellulite options and has a lot of clinic listings.

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