25 thoughts on “Bonnies Workout Pilates Routine Total Body

  1. ok so I started yesterday …..total body, tights and belly, and we will see after couple months if it works…

  2. ok so I started yesterday …..total body, tights and belly, and we will see after couple months if it works

  3. I started these 2 months bac, with out any such stick diet, just a cup of lemon tea early in te morning , 3 bananas 4 breakfast then followed by a regular lunch & dinner but all before 8 p.m & I hav lost 2″ inches from my waste and have done them only 3-4 X a week. It really shapes one up. I don’t know how it works on fat people as I have always been a medium / large built. So thanks allot I am still working on them & hope to shape up even more in te future.

  4. Just got here, kind of weird, some folks say breath normally others say breath in breath out and there are a lot of other crap about this “training”, sorry but I call BS on this whole pilates thing and its “experts”. Im back doing traditional workouts. Good luck.

  5. seriously i dont think this is working. Its to less intense for both. Fatburning and muscle training. You can do this “only” for flexibility and good feelings.

  6. I’ve been doing all your workouts for more than a year, and it’s been such a great routine for me! Thanks for posting/sharing!

  7. @flamesfan1976 So is it o.k. to do this Total Body workout everyday? It’s not like in weight training where they tell you not to work the same muscle group everyday? That’s what I usually do and I’m soooo bored!!

  8. @ETanner Thanks for the tip! I’m going to start trying your routine. I was just wondering what would be the best order to do these in when I saw your comment.

  9. HI!! how many times do you have to repeat the whole routine? just one time it’s enough?thanksssss!!

  10. this is amazing , i did it everyday , and im feeling great and looking great , i feel slimmer and toner , thanks this really worked , and im loving it !

  11. this is an excellent video. I am doing it every morning with either butt, thighs or belly, and I am feeling healthier, more flexible, and more toned every day! bonnie is also not annoying like many of the ladies on these workout videos, and she always congratulates you when you finish a vid 🙂

  12. i love how the bitch to the left with the implants is getting all the close ups. Media is sooo superfuckingficial!

  13. @flamesfan1976 you’ve never done cardio? holy hell! i thought you couldn’t actually lose weight/maintain your weight -without- doing cardio!

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