22 thoughts on “Q&A: What is better exercise pilates or yoga?

  1. my point of view, pilates,
    but they are both good for different things
    each helps with something else.
    yoga is more of a stretching type of thing………….
    but if u want a REAL excersize just do a like sport, biking, running, blablabla those types of things

  2. I love yoga. If you just want to stretch and calm down. Like a stress reliever.

    Pilates is more of a strengthening type.

    Just depends on what your in the mood for.

  3. no right answer Pilate’s will give you great core strength yoga does this but is more beneficial as breathing and relaxation aide

  4. Definitely Pilates. Nothing wrong with Yoga, but Pilates is a lot harder and really focuses on building your core, which is the key to everything.

  5. pilates, it will tone your muscles and make you work

    yoga will increase your flexibility and lower stress

  6. I like yoga but pilates is better for the body

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  7. pilates, yoga just calms you and relaxes your body. Pilates gives you upper body strength as well as lower and leaves you sore in the morning.

  8. i’ve taken both classes, and pilates is more toning and yoga is sort of soothing and relaxing and also improves your flexibility. Its really all about what you prefer.

  9. There’s no “better” as each has particular functions but in many ways they are in harmonious. Both use proper breathing techniques. Yoga is not just for relaxation, it can help tone and it also works the internal organs. Pilates is great for toning and also strengthening the body. I do both and have achieved great results.

  10. They are apples and oranges. Both are beneficial.

    Those that keep saying pilates are better have never done a Hatha II Yoga or Kundalini yoga classes where we actually sweat and do headstands and hold posses for for over five mins. If you try that, you’ll never say yoga is just for relaxation again!

    Pilates was designed by a boxer/dancer named Joseph Pilates for dancers to be able to jump and become more flexible, ie ballet, using mind over matter…. So building the “core” strengthing is important but yoga also works on building the “core” strength too.

    Yoga is going to be cheeper for you because it’s usually in a class and a yoga mat where as Pilates usually uses a reformer machine and now a days balls and other equipment with an instructor. There are pilates classes and tapes that use yoga mats, but i would highly recommend learning first with a one on one instructor, as the moves you’ll learn with him/her are very important in the beginning on your hip placement, breathing and focusing on your core strengthing.

    Good luck on your fitness goals!

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