Pilates Abs Workout

From www.sparkpeople.com, a short Pilates abs and core workout with our own Coach Nicole! This workout uses basic Pilates exercises (side plank, the hundred, etc) that will help you build abs of steel! Head here http to purchase Coach Nicole’s new workout DVD!
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25 thoughts on “Pilates Abs Workout

  1. @oDREAMERRo If your shoulders are weak, that could explain it. The shoulder and arm is working very hard to hold the body up in that position. Make sure you’re in proper alignment (hand under shoulder) to avoid pain, but if it’s still too difficult, you’ll have to modify. Come to the elbow and/or knees or drop your bottom knee to the ground during the side planks.

  2. great workout – could definitely feel it in my abs (and a sore neck too, but I know how to relieve that). The only problem I had was in the side planks, it wasnt my abs that made me stop, it was that my shoulder was hurting from pressure, and there wasn’t a way that I could relieve the pressure on my shoulder and still do the exercise.
    but I could definitely feel this. This added to a lower calorie/fat/sodium diet, and it will help me tone up just in time for school to get back! thanks! 🙂

  3. is it normal for my arm that is holding my body up to hurt at the hip lifting exercise? it’s very difficult for me to lift my body up too. am i doing something wrong?

  4. Great video. Excellent pacing and wonderful breath and placement cues. I use it often. Thanks for posting.

  5. @FlashJack2189 Most Pilates exercises will strengthen the core and the deep abdominal muscles as well as the lower back. This video should be good to start with although you should check with your doctor first since you experience back pain. If it hurts, then don’t do a particular exercise.

  6. @MsSeverusSnapexoxo Pilates is great for toning the abs in combination with cardio–and a reduced calorie diet.

  7. If I do this and cardio, will I see a toned stomach? Or must I do a more harder ab workout?

  8. great video. my doctor advised me to do pilates because of my lower back pain and i was just wondering what pilates exercises would u advise me to do to treat my back pain. i noticed that when doing the ‘roll up’ i feel so much pain in my lower back. i also feel pain when doing ‘the hundred’.

  9. i def. try this exercise! its great for me that i have a broken tail bone. it hurts if i do crunches

  10. @katiealanna Actually, yes! Pilates is safe to do daily since it doesn’t work your muscles to fatigue (and therefore require resting/rebuilding) the way traditional strength training does.

  11. i worked up a sweat in such a short time haha, im always impressed with the instructors, they make it look so effortless when im struggling so much 🙁

  12. Holy crap these videos are greattt…been doing it for a week and seriously looking goood, sparkpeople you guys roooockkkk <3

  13. Thank you, Nicole, for this workout. I’ve been doing this plus bikini body workout + butt and abs work out over 4 months. Result: 4 pack coming through!

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