25 thoughts on “Pilate – Into Your Hideout (Music Video)

  1. song of the day!

    not in the “thinking” mood today…so i posted something from a mellow band i usually just have playing in the background.

  2. Very heavy Radiohead Influence, especially in his voice. They’re super good, proud they are Canadian, though, there new stuff “Pilot Speed” sucks. hahaha.

  3. Not many people knew what the lyrics were for this song. Is it… “I’m gonna tee-he he… I’m gonna tear your walls down?” It sounded a little more like that at the end.

  4. Their new song is called “please put the phone down” it is pretty good….
    i am still going to refur to them as Pilate…

  5. beautifull song… im wondering about that actress too.. couldnt find anything on her.. sorry Demolitionman10000 love ta help ya

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