Pilates in Rochdale

Book pilates classes in Rochdale with Live Pilates and Charlotte Hopkinson on the Live Pilates website www.live-pilates.co.uk.

Instructions: This video should be viewed as a supplement to the BalleCore Workout book. This book will teach you the forms that may be difficult to see in pictures. I have included the page number for some exercises. I highly recommend you buy the book since I left many exercises out that you will probably enjoy. This is compiled by the blog, Dizzily Dreaming dizzilydreaming.blogspot.com but all exercises belong to the creator of BalleCore, Molly Weeks. This is not an official video. This is a video I put together for myself to help complete the exercises in the book. I thought others would also enjoy the aid. Make sure to finish the exercise with Part 2: www.youtube.com

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