Pilates- can you recommend a good DVD for beginners please?

Question by mojo jo jo: Pilates- can you recommend a good DVD for beginners please?
i got ‘Pilates body in motion’ BY Alycea Ungaro out of the library and the introduction to it made me really excited and positive that pilates is for me but i was so fed up when i couldn’t even do the very first exercise ( page 26 preparation exercise) as my abdominal muscles must be really weak,( i am fairly fit) it is just impossible for me to sit up from a lying down position with out using my legs to help me. So anyway i don’t want to just give in and thought that following a DVD would be better than trying to do it step by step from a book. Can anyone recommend a DVD for beginners that really helps the viewer to understand what they need to do and what they should be checking ( posture) and does Alycea uNGARO HAVE A DVD?

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Answer by nicky k
Try Winsor Pilaties Basics by Marie Winsor.Her workout is excellent!


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  1. i got one at wal-mart “Pilates for Dummies” (no joke)
    i thought it would be easy to do…..but boy was i wrong.
    it seriously kicks your butt….that is if you cant keep up.
    i was so out of shape when i got it. i had to turn it off because because i felt so silly flopping around on the floor like a big fat seel. . but anyway good luck! i just thought i would share.

  2. I really like Denise Austin. She has a dvd that is 20 minutes pilates and 20 minutes yoga. It is awesome!

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