Pilates Hips and Thighs Workout

From www.sparkpeople.com, a 10-minute Pilates workout with our own Coach Nicole! This workout uses Pilates exercises that target your lower body (hips, thights and butt). Suitable for beginners and advanced exercisers! 7 new toning workouts from Coach Nicole on 1 DVD www.sparkpeoplestore.com
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*CLICK HERE FOR A FREE WEIGHT LOSS WORKBOOK* www.erinhuggins.com *CLICK HERE FOR FULL LENGTH PILATES VIDEOS* www.erinhuggins.com Erin Huggins gives a basic pilates workout for beginners or anyone wanting to ease back into their pilates routine! Get your pilates workout started. This is a great beginner pilates routine. Beginners can learn the basic moves before doing more advanced pilates moves. Pilates is so great for strengthening your core, your back, your arms, your legs and your butt! Pilates is an amazing workout for your whole body. You can lose weight with pilates and tone and strengthen. Pilates is also so amazing for exercising your mind. You have to be really focused on building strength while you are working out. Please practice this great beginner routine. Remember we get really good at what we practice a lot! The more you do pilates the better and easier pilates will be for you! www.erinhuggins.com Good luck rock star!

50 thoughts on “Pilates Hips and Thighs Workout

  1. I’m gonna try this one. You don’t realize how hard Pilates actually is- it looks easy but it’s not at first. But once you get used to it, you feel so much more relaxed and stronger!

  2. @xxxMostEnviedGurlxxx yeah that seems pretty good. if you’re trying to lose weight, throw in some cardio but if ur just trying to be toned and maintain yourself, then the plan you have is brilliant!

  3. @xxxMostEnviedGurlxxx Yes that is more than the average person workout. Make sure you listen to your body. If you are extremely sore and stiff, you should rest 2 days before doing your exercises again.

  4. @fourcornerss Pilates in general is safe to do daily since it doesn’t work the muscles to fatigue like traditional strength training does.


    I do Pilates evercise , i do Abs and Butt , and this one Hips and Thighs ,
    i do it 5 times a week,and take rest at saturday and sunday ,
    is that ok ?

  6. I am hooked to sparkpeople website n there fitness videos, i find them so useful and so approachable exercise for people like me who are starting for first time.

    Nicole you are wonderfull… keep it up.

  7. hi nicole.. as regards cardio and toning excersises would you do say 2 videos of cardio and then these to get results or do one cardio one toning

  8. i really felt good after i did this one!
    i am trying to further tone my legs and aft i did this one, it was a very good excersize.

  9. What I love about these workouts is that they’re short and easy to fit in your daily schedule. And Nicole’s a really good coach. 😀

    Btw first time I did this one.. that last exercise.. I just couldn’t do it haha. Really need to work on that!

  10. I’ve just started with your workouts, and I have to say that they are great. Thank you for posting them!

  11. hi erin,,i just started pilates using your video,,and it really works,though i little ache on my lower belly..

  12. i love your tattoos!!! and thanks so much for posting this! my new years resolution was to get into better shape and this is great for me!

  13. i love!!! thank you soo much. first time i did yesterday, don’t think i breathed right but today i tried it again…it works so well! God bless you!

  14. I started using this a few months ago and it used to be difficult to hold my head up for the “hula” Now i find it not as difficult :). Something’s working!

  15. This is one of my favorite an routines! When I know I have less than 10 minutes to work out that morning or on a work break, this is the one I always turn and do!!!

  16. At first I thought these would be too easy, since it’s a lot more subtle than, for example, the ab series, but it’s actually an awesome strength workout! Thanks for the vid!

  17. @rudegalsw2

    Just remember to exhale on exertion. (Exhale when your muscles are doing the most work during a move, e.g., contracting, pulling))

  18. OMG this scared the HELL outta me because my name is Adrienne!!! Lmao!!! Well, guess this will motivate me more lol

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