Is this a great idea for a coffee table book?

Question by humblevillager: Is this a great idea for a coffee table book?
“Pilots who do Pilates: Why have some of our nations best flyers become enthralled with this passing fad?” Do you think your plane would be less likely to crash if your pilot had experienced the, “holistic, mind/body” ness of Pilates? I don’t. I think it’s all a bunch of crap.

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Answer by wondering
I wouldnt buy it, but defiently pick it up and graze through it. Seems like a good book to take a dump too.

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13 thoughts on “Is this a great idea for a coffee table book?

  1. Hmm, i thought you were going to say a coffee table book of coffee tables, but that’s been done already.There is much to body, mind and spirit, but i don’t believe any exercise method can provide this alone as it comprises only one area of the triad.

  2. I think that it i rediculous !! If anything, they should be given drug tests and breathalizers before they are allowed to board any plane with or without passengers on it……..But ~ That’s just my opinion.

  3. No, don’t buy it. Coffee table books are those ones you pretty much have just for decoration. At least this is what I have observed in other peoples houses. Seeing as how I have alot of books they are everywhere, and I do not own a coffee table.

  4. Did you just create the name of a book, then create a supposition about the hypothetical pilots in your book and then disagree with yourself?? LOL I’m not sure what the question is….. I would like to know though.

  5. I’m a stubby woman who likes to stay on the ground!
    There may be a market for this type of book, but I would not buy it.
    Good luck!

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