Can I skip weight training and do Pilates instead?

Question by Laura T: Can I skip weight training and do Pilates instead?
I’m 20, 5’2″, 115lbs, 22% body fat. I’m planning on doing 40mins elliptical training and 20mins of jump-roping 5 times a week. My goal is to reach 17% body fat. I was planning on doing an hour of weight training 4 days a week (just for toning up) but I kinda got discouraged ‘coz there aren’t many home workouts and I really don’t have the budget for more equipment. (I have 2lbs dumbells)

I was thinking of skipping weight training altogether and replacing it with an hour of Pilates. What “look” will that achieve? Will it be different than when I’m weight training? And will that affect my metabolism?

Note: I don’t really wanna build muscles. Just wanna firm up.

P.S. Or can you guys refer me to a good (cheap) home workout website? I’ve basically gone to most of them. Thanks!

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Answer by Tracy
Pilates is great for you! It includes cardio and it helps build strength in your muscles. If you want a longer slender toned body, you should do pilates!

You should also implement weight training into your workout because it will help build muscles which will help you burn more calories in return. I don’t think you need to do 1 hour of the same cardio workout 5 times a week. This is boring, and you may get discouraged, and not want to work out anymore. To maximize your workout try doing other cardio exercises such as hiking, Cycling, or maybe even running around your neighborhood with the 2 lb. dumbells in your hand (that is cardio and weight training), or indoor rockclimbing, etc..

Best of luck to you and your healthy living!

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  1. If you are serious about reaching 17% body fat, you can’t skip the weight training….that will be the integral part of reaching your goal. To reach a body fat in the teens, you have to work on building the muscle. If you just do all cardio, you may well lose weight, but it will be very hard to get your body fat percentage below 20% without weight training.

    You also need to make sure you are eating plenty of protein, about 110-120g of protein every day spaced out throught the day into 5 smaller meals. So include low fat, high protein foods such as chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, lean beef/ham, nuts & seeds, beans & pulses and also you can have soya protein products such as Quorn. I’d also recommend a good protein supplement such as Promax or Creatine.

    And don’t worry, you can’t build more than 1/2lb to 1lb of muscle per month, so it’s not like you are suddenly going to look like ‘big’ in a couple of months.

    I think you are going to need slightly heavier dumbells as well, but that and an exercise ball is all you need. I’d recommend Core Secrets.

    Good luck : )

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