Experienced pilates trainers…question for you..?

Question by Lindsay W: Experienced pilates trainers…question for you..?
I work out a great deal. I’m a swimmer and I have always lifted weights, I have a really nice body but I am wanting to do some serious sculpting. I look really fit and get compliments, but I wanted to be more lean and sleek…I heard pilates does this. I want to try it, it is not offered at my gym or anywhere around my area. I want to get a reformer pilates machine because I heard it offers more resistance, and honestly, I’m scared to do any mat exercises because I have been working out so hard I need to keep up my activity level or I’m afraid I will go too far in the opposite direction and get more unfit. What should I look for in a pilates machine? What books/dvds offer the best, most difficult and most thorough workout? I’m not too stupid to understand good form, so I don’t think I need a teacher persay, I just need good information. Also, I should maintain my cardio routine even once I pick up pilates, isn’t that true?

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Answer by Linda B
I’m not a pilates trainer, but I wouldn’t recommend a pilates machine.

Have you checked out Beach Body workouts? 6 week workouts that can kick your butt! I’d suggest starting with Slim in 6. You can add these in to your regular workout schedule.


I’m not affiliated with the company, I just really like their dvds and have friends who’ve had great results with them also. 😉

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