Pilates machine and Mat Workout 1 of 2

I met up with my good friend Jayme of Body By Pilates to show a brief example of some moves that can help triathletes and really anyone strengthen their core.There are hundreds of other functional movements you can do and i encourage everyone to at least try a studio in your area. Read more on my blog @ www.thejourneytv.com Fort Worth,Tx – Body By Pilates – www.facebook.com Music: Darrin Thompson
Video Rating: 5 / 5

2 thoughts on “Pilates machine and Mat Workout 1 of 2

  1. @zendiegofitness THanks!! i checked out your videos!! i’d love to try a workout if i’m in the area. Take care!

  2. Cool video, you’re strong and flexible for a big dude. A little tabata training and you’ll be set. Kudos on the Journey!

    God Bless & Namaste

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