Pilates while pregnant?

Question by ~~~~: Pilates while pregnant?
Im a first timer with Pilates and kinda just came across the book accidently.Im 5 months prego and want to start,the thing is i read the introduction in the book i have, its about 40 pages and then it gets into the pilate moves,but im not catching on to it.Anyone have any sugguestions(im not going to go out and spend money on a trainer)book wise or dvd i can rent from the libraries and your experiences,thanks!anything will help

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Answer by Erica
walmart has tons of pilates dvd’s for just under

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  1. I would think that a DVD would be much more helpful. I did pilates using a book, then a dvd then a trainer. Honestly DVD’s work just fine, you don’t get quite as good of a workout as in a classroom when someone is constantly watching you saying “Hey you fell out of form!” but it still works well. Windsor Pilates is my suggestion.

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