Stick-e Brands Yoga Stick-e Socks (Large, Black)

Stick-e Brands Yoga Stick-e Socks (Large, Black)

  • Exposed toes for gripping!
  • Patented smooth non-slip sole for secure grip, durability and comfort
  • Protects feet from shared mats and equipment
  • Podiatrist and Orthopedic Surgeon Recommended
  • Reduces risk of injury by providing a warm environment for muscles, tendons and ligaments

The original Yoga Stick-e Socks have a unique patented design that creates a barefoot feeling! The socks have a hole for each toe to extend through for gripping the floor or equipment. They also have an exclusive non-slip, smooth, Stick-e sole. There are no bumps to feel through the fabric! Yoga Stick-e Socks also have a molded heel pocket and seamless construction for better fit and comfort. They are available in flesh tone colors for a natural look. The socks are packaged in a reusable mesh

List Price: $ 19.95

Price: Too low to display

ToeSox Yoga-Pilates Toe Socks with Grips,White,Large

  • Five-toe design promotes toe separation for flexibility and strength
  • Non-slip sole for slip free security
  • Hygienic alternative to bare feet
  • Great travel companion-travel without a mat
  • Go green! Organic cotton for optimum comfort and breathability

ToeSox are made with a five-toe design to promote toe separation resulting in greater flexibility and strength. The non-slip sole provides slip free security during your practice. Worry no more about dirty mats and sweaty residue, ToeSox are the best hygienic alternative to bare feet. Made with cool and comfortable organic cotton, ToeSox slip right into your suitcase so there is no need to travel with a mat.

Price: $ 14.95

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