I really want to be skinny?

Question by Alissa: I really want to be skinny?
I’m only fifteen years old and I weigh 146 pounds. I’m 5’2″.
It’s summer and I’m not ready for a bikini. I’m going to California in August, less than two months, and I really want to be skinny by then.
Can you help me? Is there something I can do that worked for you?
I’m trying to get that Pilates Chair thing. Are there any exercises I can do to get rid of the fat in my tummy and thighs?
I’m really stressing out over this. All my friends are really skinny and hot and I feel like the ugly duckling around them.
By the way, this is NOT for any boys, I want to look better and be healthier for myself.
Please help
Thank you very much 🙂

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Answer by Wonder Bra
Wow. You really need to lose some weight you are too heavy for a 15 year old. Just eat healthier, cut out junk food and try to exercise.

Forget being 15 you are too heavy for any age at that height.

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  1. okay
    eat a balance diet
    boil a piece of chicken
    &&a salad
    runn on a trendmill
    3 miles.
    or just plain runn
    running is what helps.

  2. Eat healthy, exercise 30mins-1hour a day. I think its great your doing it for yourself and not just boys, running/jogging on a treadmill helps tone up and lose weight all over your body, but can be a bit tedious and boring – it helps if its in front of a tv.

    I dance, and it keeps me so entertained i dont even realise im exercising lol.

  3. Try eating no sweets or drinking any soda. Water’s your bff. And also run everyday, and eat a wall-balanced diet.

  4. Change your diet and go on a strict work out plan. The only way it’ll work is if you focus your life around losing weight, but almost everyone doesn’t have the will power.

  5. Don’t stress about it. Everyone has a different body shape. Some people are heavy or have more curves then others , but that doesn’t mean your not beautiful or hot. Its awesome that you want to get into shape for your own health tho! Just try to cut out all the junk food and eat three healthier and better portioned meals. Dont’ starve yourself if you don’t see immediate results it will take some time. Try doing basic exercises like push ups, crunches, squats.

  6. Wow you really need to lose some weight for a 15 year old …..i am suprised to hear u r that short! i am a nurse……….and i think you might have some problems!!!

  7. do 30 sit ups a day and go for a RUN for about 35 minutes a day..you’ll see results if you’re committed

  8. this is the best workout in the world!:

    *100 situps
    *30 pushups
    *4 lunges
    *10 leg-lifts
    *ride a bike for 30 minutes

    if you do that every day then in one week i promise you will lose AT LEAST 10 pounds! i lost like 20!

    good luck! :]

  9. ugh do not listen to that “wonder bra” girl. i’ve seen her answers on many questions and they’ve all been b!tchy. i’ve heard that if you do 500 crunches, squats, and bicycle crunches, you can see results overnight. but, thats probably very difficult, even for a very fit person. if you want to try that, be my guest lol. drink an obscene amount of water, lol to cleanse your body. replace any other drink, like soda, juice, ect, with water and you should see results in like a month. eat fruit, veggies, and lean protein, like chicken and fish. if you want to keep the weight off, join one or two sports, like soccer, track, fielcd hockey, football, and things like that because you have to be constantly running, so you will burn lots of calories 🙂

    good luck! 🙂

    good luckk 🙂

  10. well, eat fresh foods. watch your serving sizes, each meal should be the size of a deck of cards, foucs on your feelings, not the body. if your feeling healtheir, that’s great, focus on that. Also try up swimming, it’s a great way to slim down. The elliptical machine’s work wonders too. Take down your sugar intake, make sure your not eating trans fat. (a few grams ups your risk for heart disease), Snack on brown rice, fresh fruits, eat nothing that comes in a wrapper. (fast food, candy, chips.) Also no soda, please. drink water, if it’s too boring, add some cucumbers, for flavor. (slice them up, put them in.) Mini trampolines are great workouts. Check out any women/teen magazine for a great workout. Go on their websites, Like SELF, or Seventeen.
    Also, don’t go for things like yoplait yogurt. Advertisement is all in the cover. If you look at the nutrtion label, there’s a whopping 14 grams of sugar. Ew. Well, arobic will tone up your stomach and thigs, but you can’t target specific areas (or so i’ve heard..) Also, it’s your body type. If your heavy all over, not just in the hips, i have some good news. Usually your body type actually is hiding a really hot one under all that weight. (From what i’ve seen.) Also, you may not be skinny in two months, but you can start slimming down and gaining more confidence, which will make you feel much better in california. Shop for your body type as well. Gooood luck, 🙂 And Hit the weight lifting room. Muscel burns more calories then fat. Also, Don’t eat three main meals. your body often will store some as fat, and in between meals your metabolisim will slow down. Eat 5 small meals throughout the day. Whole grains, no white bread, white rice. The brown bread. hah. Then don’t eat untill your full. eat till your not hungry.

  11. okay read SKinny B itch. If you want to be healthy read it. I love 10 pounds and I love myself. YOu will feel beautiful. Diets dont work. You have to change your lifestlye. As for exercise buy the skinny bitch fitness dvds. Again with the book and the dvds I have lost 10 pounds. You gotta do it girly! You can! Lable everything in your fridge like cake = fat and then lable the good things like fruit = bikinni. This will help. As for exercising. Everytime you feel lazy think beach, bikinni, boys. Say that 10 times and it will get you right off of your ass! Good luck and I KNOW you can do it.

    30 mins of cardion (walking) a day rest sunday
    do a workout vid
    and follow skinny bitch
    here is a link to it :

    Honey you gotta listen to me. These other answers will NOT do anything. I suffered with my weight for a long time and this works! Do not eat meat and dont pay attention to the no carb thing. Fruits and Veggies babe! Skinny Bitch is about being a vegan. Don’t judge it right away. I know you are probabl;y thinking you could never be a vegan but after reading this book it changed my life. You WILL see results. I am telling you. TRASH the rest of these answers! Seriouly LISTEN to ME!!! I am very very passionate about spreading the skinny b itch message. Seriously hon read the book!

  12. I’m 32 and have been struggling with the same thing since I was 18. I’m 5’4″ and 150lbs… that’s about 30+ lbs overweight. I’m now facing major illnesses due to a high fatty diet, including Type II Diabetes and Fatty Liver Disease. I’ve only recently been looking into raw food. Doing some research I’ve been finding only positive and hopeful things said about a high nutrient diet. I have aggressively spent the last few days committed to eating healthier, and have already noticed a difference in my focus, energy and overall feeling. Forget cutting out the junk food for now (although common sense says it will help) your body will crave it, and by trying to lie you’ll doom yourself to failure. Try adding to your diet LOTS of vegetables, (did you know a pound of broccoli has more protein than a pound of hamburger?) eat as much as you can FIRST before anything else. Drink Green Tea or Water instead of soda or even diet soda. Your body will start to thank you by no longer craving “fatty” and “sugary” foods. THIS IS NOT A DIET…. you must change the way you’re living and eating for life! For this to really work for you…..the question is how committed are you? Unfortunately the hard core truth is….I have to do it to save my life…but so do you!
    You need to talk to your family about changing your eating. Obviously you do not make the decisions on what to buy and stock in the refrigerator, but if you help with the grocery shopping and make it known what you need what parent can resist a child who says “I want to eat more vegetables”?
    All my love and joyous thoughts to you on your journey….good luck!

  13. If you really want it..ok.

    I had a tendency to gain summer chub back in high school. Before my senior year, I decided I didn’t want that, so I worked out all summer, which was approximately 2 months. By the time I got back to school, my teacher asked me if I had an eating disorder before telling me I looked good. Anyway here goes…

    Eat a well balanced diet each day; however, do not eat protein and carbohydrates together. I think it slows digestion or something my skinny-obsessed ex-boyfriend said (he was only a good source of idiocy) for what ever reason, that worked. Also, around this time I had stopped eating candy and drinking soda because I was prone to tooth problems.

    Work out 3 times a week. I was pretty old school, so I did a variety mix of Jane Fonda and Denise Austin video tapes, whatever I could find at the flea market (the 80s exercise garb is a funny bonus). Just one tape a day, so it’s about 45 mins to 1 hr. Both of those women are literally painful, in the good way. Say, do your lower body one day, your upper body another day, and pure cardio another day. Remember to stay hydrated and rest a day in between so your body can recover.

    At some point, your body might plateau and your progress might slow. At that point, I added ankle and wrist weights.

    You may feel like your not getting results fast enough, but it takes time and being committed to your routine is the best thing you can do. I didn’t even notice I had gotten ‘eating disorder’ skinny.

    For a slightly more passive route to losing weight, my friend told me that abiding by serving sizes (measuring out food) and counting calories made his girlfriend lose 10 lbs easily.

    Whichever way you choose, good luck!

  14. consequently i was reading about this book of yoga the other night, and it seemed pretty inspiring. but before i begin, im sure you look fine. because in all reality there are those people who look less than they weigh, it really depends. so back to my yoga thing, i decided to try it and it isn’t about weight loss its about getting back in alignment with yourself (ha getting toned and muscle definition are one of the many things that come out of it lol) but it really helped me with my food choices too. it makes me feel better than a workout does. its really easy all you have to do is ask yourself what are the consequences if i eat this? and it really pays off, because i stay away from white bread, and basically and food that is packaged because it makes me feel sluggish. but when i eat a lot of fiber and fresh food i feel energized. well good luck. and God Bless 🙂

  15. The general answer is eat better and exercise more. That’s a very general answer and it typically works, but you might want something more detailed.

    You should look at your family’s background, is obesity common in your family, either as a whole or just your immediate family? This is mainly to get a goal. Your friends don’t have the same genes you do so it’s a bad idea to use them as a goal, use a goal closer to your bloodline and go from there.

    To actually start losing some weight to hit a more ideal weight you need to identify key habits in your daily routines which include looking at your diet and your exercise. Exercise is easier, do you try in your PE class or do you do as little as possible. Do you walk to school or always get rides or take a bus. Consider biking or walking simply to get some regular physical activity easily incorporated into your daily routine. Just add a few extra milder activities at first, you want long-term results so get easy habits to stick first before you try to start hitting the gym or track regularly.

    As far as your diet this is something that will be even harder to look at and maintain, but if you’re serious it’s definitely possible. Look at what you eat and how much you eat. If you count your calories for a day how many are you getting, you also want to find out how many you should get. You’ll probably be surprised how far above your recommended caloric intake you actually are. This is especially true if you eat fast food regularly. Keep fast food down, and don’t consume too many dollar menu products (they typically are the fattier cuts of processed meat)

    You’re a high school student so I’ll imagine a couple things hold true for you that you might need to correct.
    1) You don’t eat breakfast regularly, this is important to get your metabolism going, grab a snack during breakfast, during your recess period, and eat a small lunch. Remember more frequent smaller meals are better to keep a faster metabolism going.
    2) What you do eat at school isn’t healthy. School lunches and the stuff you can get for snacks during recesses aren’t usually that good for you. Consider bringing your own snacks from home to for in-between classes and to supplement, or replace a school lunch. And a fruit and glass of juice before breakfast makes for a healthy quick breakfast while knocking off two fruits out of that pesky fruits/vegetables category we never get enough of.

    Finally, don’t go overboard. Remember you want to ease into a healthier lifestyle and keep it going so it sticks. Don’t expect to lose weight too fast either, that’s the worst way to do it. Listen to your body, it’s smarter then you think, if it’s hungry feed it… but control how much and what you eat.

  16. do cardio exercises
    eat a small portion of food like on a salad plate
    drink lots of water like 8 glasses of it
    as snacks eat fruits or veggie
    its the summer go have fun like swimming or playing watever having a good time so when you are doing all that stuff you’re thinkin of just having a great time and not pushing your self to exercises

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