What is the most efficient way to begin practicing Pilates?

Question by Amy D: What is the most efficient way to begin practicing Pilates?
Recently, I’ve taken up an interest in Pilates. I love that it not only provides a workout, but also that its therapeutic and stresses the importance of focusing, breathing techniques and circulation. The only other exercise that provided those things and got me in the best shape of my life was when I was a swimmer in high school and when I swam in the military (I don’t have the feet for running). However, I don’t have a pool now and the health club pools are expensive and seasonal. Anyway, back to pilates. My fiance is not comfortable with the price of pilates studios or with the price of the equipment. I don’t feel comfortable with simply getting a video because this is all new to me and I want to take it seriously and be properly trained. Does the less expensive equipment (such as the chairs and barrels) provide similar benefits as the reformer, trapeze and “cadillac”? Can someone get the same benefits without any equipment? Are the videos just as good? I need some educated direction 🙂 Thank you!

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go to a library n ask the librarian for a beginners book! that’s prob. the best way too see oif you like it or not… if u do like it order videos online!!

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