Q&A: What’s a good pilates kit for an obese woman?

Question by elizabeth: What’s a good pilates kit for an obese woman?
I know it’s difficult, but with determination and time, pilates can be done by obese people. Though some of the moves need to be modified to work with inflexible people. I was wondering what kind of equipment (and it has to fit in a bedroom sized space) is recommended for an obese person trying so desperately to lose weight, and she’s done well. As of this year, she’s gone from 300 pounds to 240. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Answer by Larissa Butler
If you are lost as i was, some times it’s staring you in the face.
The one thing i lacked was believe in myself.
Believe in yourself think happy thoughts.
This worked for me and i haven’t look back.

Think lucky and you will be lucky.

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