Best Pilates for beginners?

Question by Andrea: Best Pilates for beginners?
I am getting close to my weight loss goal of 140…yay…! however, my mid section from chest to thighs REALLY needs some toning. I have 2 kids to thank for that, haha.
I was thinking pilates would be the best for me. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a really good program (dvd please, i do better watching than trying to get it from a book) that got good results. I need the beginners i think as i have never done it before. I am pretty good with tae bo and do a lot of walking, so i have some endurance-if that has anything to do with it*
I am more concerned with toning vs. weight loss, i think i finally have the loss thing figured out…lol
Any suggestions and/or recommendations would be extremely helpful!!! Thanks in advance for answering and helping me out!
i should mention- i no longer do the tae bo- i can’t handle much impact on my knees and lower back. Arthritic knees run in my family and i have had lower back weakness since twisting a disc a couple months ago. That’s another reason i would really like to strengthen those muscles.

*thanks for the recommendation so far! will definately look it up* 😉
thanks workouts! great info.

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Answer by kate
all the 5 parts of this pilates regime is FANTASTIC!
my sister did this for 2 months…. 6 days a week and lost 8 kilos…… do it religiously…. helps tremendous amount!
all the best!!! 🙂

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