Any cures to a Coccyx/tailbone injury/pain?

Question by daffidol: Any cures to a Coccyx/tailbone injury/pain?
I have had pain now for over 3 months, I have no idea how it started but think it may be from sitting for long periods of time and putting strain/slouching in my chair for hours at work. I have seen a Physiotherapist six times now and started a few new things such as pilates, swimming and walking, these may/may not have helped.
Any info/cures?

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Answer by gracefull
Well, what is your daily work routine like, and can you mix it up a bit? Instead of sitting at a desk all day. can you stand up every twenty minutes and do some work?
Put a pillow/cushion on your chair. How is the seat of your car ?

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  1. *You need to find a good pain clinic in your area and have the lower spine injected. It will really help. It helps mine.

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