I Need Help Finishing A Feminine Acronym!?

Question by DennyV: I Need Help Finishing A Feminine Acronym!?
I’m a fitness instructor at a new women’s fitness center and we’re trying to come up with a positive, yet sexy descriptive acronym that best describes who we are and what we do. Just for reference, our facility is called ESTEEM Fitness and we teach pole dancing, chair dancing, pilates, boxing, Zumba, personal training and more. We’re a very close-knit family and love our clients very much. I’m having some trouble with the “M” part. So far, I have…

Empowering and

…and that’s all I could come up with! Any ideas or tweaks would be helpful, particularly in the “M” department. Remember, we’re a women’s fitness center so please suggest feminine ideas. Thanks! 🙂

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Answer by soada7xb182yay
Magnificent, Motivating, and that’s all I can think of, sorry! I hope I helped at all!!

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