Is pilates a good form of exercise?

Question by [♥]: Is pilates a good form of exercise?
This summer I haven’t been getting any exercise and I was thinking of watching some videos of pilates and doing those exercises everyday. Is it a good form of exercise?

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Answer by Bloo
Yeah, more for toning and stretching really though.

Its good for you though.

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5 thoughts on “Is pilates a good form of exercise?

  1. yes and no, if you want to lose weight and get into shape than no, if you want definition and flexibility than yes. if you want to increase stamina than it wont work

  2. it’s good but i think it would be better to add some cardio, like a 30-45 minute walk each day or every other day.

  3. I think Pilates are very good exercise, if you can’t do the real thing.

    Like if you can’t walk outside, walk on a treadmill.
    If you cannot bike, use a stationary bicycle.
    If you can’t swim, pretend you do with Pilates.

    You could walk/jog somewhere, bike somewhere, swim somewhere or just stay home and do Pilates to pretend you’re doing all that.

    A lot of people are very happy with Pilates but I’d rather bicycle than do the pretend “swing your top leg back as if pushing on the pedal of a bicycle” and I’d rather swim than do the pretend “switching my arms until I have a swimming or light spashing motion in effect.”.

    Pilates is almost as good, but not as fun, or course.

  4. pilates is a wonderful form of exercise epically if your looking to tone any part of your body and if you do it every day youll look so good and be in great shape.

  5. Pilates is a fantastic aerobic fitness program! After about a week, you’ll be hooked. I love Pilates in the morning and Yoga after work.

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