Is it possible that Pontius Pilate invented Pilates…?

Question by brianchicago76: Is it possible that Pontius Pilate invented Pilates…?
…and the crucifixion of Christ was just a failed attempt to try out one of his new pieces of Pilates equipment?

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Answer by J.D.
lol no i dont think so

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3 thoughts on “Is it possible that Pontius Pilate invented Pilates…?

  1. how interesting that it could be.
    pilate famously washed his hands after deferring to the mob regarding justice.
    how close the parallel is between this spiritually instructive episode and a central principle of the modern bodywork “pilates”, whereby a lifetime’s body habits of blockage and restricted use (cf. the restrictive roman imperialism/reactionary religious rulers) are cleansed by activating in isolation, but eventually in integration, all the movement possibilities of a body (cf. the the integrated body of the crowd, through the cleansed perception of the roman’s hands, with all their little wiggly fingers etc.).

    some yogis do practise the crucifix position, and there is a wealth of evidence that early christian european monks had habits of health/devotion related bodywork practices, like pilates, or yoga.

    how can you say “failed attempt”? the guy did die, and there was a healthy consequence of god-realisation for some (if not, as is often excitedly claimed, for all).

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