Would you change anything about my work out plan?

Question by jennay: Would you change anything about my work out plan?
Keeping in mind that I am a Mama of two and also work full time so I can’t really add any additional work outs…is this a healthy balance of activities or would you change anything.

I work out 4 days a week:

Day 1: Treadmill jogging/running 20 minutes, elliptical 10 minutes, 12×2 reps for biceps, shoulders and triceps, ab work

Day 2: Advanced pilates 1 hour, 15 min run

Day 3: 1 or 2 mile run, abs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, gluts (weight lifting sessions usually takes 60 mins or so)

Day 4: 1 hour of Zumba, 20-30 mins of ab works and arms

Weight lifting is done with free weights and pilates moves (like pelvic thrusts, leg lifts, chair sits, etc.)

Anything I should be doing differently? I just want to be healthy overall, my target areas are defining my abs, getting leaner arms and leaner thighs.
Thank you for your unsolicited concern regarding my family. I work out after my children go to bed and while my husband is doing his work outs. I don’t really see how that is related to my question.
It probably takes closer to 45 minutes, I do a variety of exercises for each area. abs alone: plank, bicycle, double leg lift, ball crunches, twist with weight, etc. I do some minor back stuff but not much, good point. i also do push-ups at every work out. can do about 10 man push ups, 15 girly ones.
Diet is good – I eat “fresh”, keeping things as close to their natural form as possible avoiding at all costs: trans and sat fat, hydrogenated anything, high fructose corn syrup and anything that has sugar in the top 5 ingredients. I’m not perfect but I have a pretty healthy “diet”.

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Answer by Mark K
yes I would do some chin ups and tuesdays and thursdays

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6 thoughts on “Would you change anything about my work out plan?

  1. It seems like you have everything well balanced.
    My only concern is that since you do have a life, you could actually reduce certain things, or lessen the time.
    You can still be healthy, I see that your motivated, but don’t overdo it.
    Make time for your family.

  2. lmao i wish i could help you here , but you made me hurt and tired reading about what you already do , so nice to see a lady who wants to take care of her self , if you feel like you need a gain a few pounds later ill loan ya some of mine lol, good luck

  3. Avoid the treadmill at all costs. The moving belt does some of the work for you. You won’t do as much work, so you won’t see as many results…both health-wise and on the scale.

    Do you mean 2×12 … as in, 2 sets of 12 reps? Try to do 3-4 sets of 12 reps. I hope you are using an appropriate weight so that reps 10-12 are difficult, not just a 2lb dumbbell like some people. There’s no reason that this should take you 60 minutes, though. I’m a bit confused by that. Do less rest time, maybe give circuit training a try.

    I am concerned that you are doing no exercises for your back or pecs. You need to build evenly to see the best results.

    What does your diet look like? I hope you’re following each weight workout with a whey protein shake to help you repair your muscles to achieve a nice tone and strength.

  4. I’m sure you know this but make sure to balance it out with a good diet.. if you need any help with that I’d love to help you get a good diet…
    and i also noticed you seem to skip some muscle groups like back and traps. I strongly reccomend adding it in their or then your body will look unproportioned. Also I don’t know if you do those 4 days back to back but make sure each body part gets at LEAST 2 days rest. Aside from that I think you’re going great. As someone said, whenever throughout the day when you see yourself doing nothing… drop down and do some pushups….. it doesnt take that much and over time it’ll make a differance. thats what i did and I’ve worked my way to 30 pushups so far.

  5. What you are doing is not bad, but I agree that you need to work each muscle group evenly. This is how I would change your workout. It should take you no longer than 1hr and 15 min to do both weights and cardio on this schedule. First, always start with weights, then move on to cardio.

    Day 1: Chest/Back. Do three movements per muscle group and go back and forth between a chest movement and back movement with no rest. It’s a push pull technique. This gives you resistance training along with endurance training. And, makes for a faster and more efficient workout.
    Ex: Dumbbell bench/Bent over rows…3×12-15 reps
    Incline bench/lat pull down same sets and reps
    Pec fly/seated rows same sets and reps

    Then on to cardio…

    Day 2: Legs/shoulders…again go back and forth between muscle groups with no rest
    Ex: Squats/shoulder press same sets and reps
    Lunges/Side lateral raises same s&r
    Step ups/front raises same s&r
    leg ext/leg curl

    I wouldn’t do cardio on leg day, unless you just walk to stretch them out.

    Day 3: Arms…again, back and forth
    Dumbell bicep curls/Tricep pushdowns same s&r
    Bicep curl w/ bar/bench dips same s&r
    one arm preacher curl/overhead extensions same s&r

    Day 4: Use this day to do whatever class you love. I used to do classes like Zumba..and I loved them. Don’t have time now, and I miss them.

    You can do abs right before your cardio sessions. Good luck and have fun.

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