What does Pilates exercise do? Does it really help in toning core, midsection? What is the hype about?

Question by wonder: What does Pilates exercise do? Does it really help in toning core, midsection? What is the hype about?

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it doesnt work for me..just makes me hurt all over the next morning 😀

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  1. I think it is a mistake to characterize publicity about Pilates as “hype.” Pilates has almost 100 years (started in WWI by Joseph Pilates) of improving students’ breathing, flexibility, balance, overall strength, posture, and, yes, core strength, where ‘core’ is defined as the abs, glutes, lower back, and obliques. Diligent work with the exercises will also generate a ‘mind/body/spirit’ connection.
    ‘Toning’ does occur, in the sense that muscles, tendons, and ligaments become leaner. In my 4 years of weekly experience, the effects, visually, are subtle: do not expect to look like the Governator as a result of Pilates. But do expect to do everyday chores more easily and more safely. Whether you’re lifting groceries out of the car or raking the lawn, you will learn to use your core rather than just your extremities.
    It may be coincidence, but during WWI, Joe Pilates’ patients at an English military hospital recorded ZERO cases of Spanish influenza, when the disease was killing millions worldwide. Some people attribute that to the improved breathing and overall health of Pilates’ patients.

  2. Pilates, by itself is a strength exercise, so it strengthens your muscles and at the same time burns off calories.

    It’s a superb whole body toning exercise program that tones, sculpts, strengthens and stretches your muscles all at one go, in one exercise movement.

    Its main focus is on the core muscles – abs, butts, back, thighs/hips and spine. These core muscles are constantly being recruited in every exercise movement, so they’re really worked on thru out the exercise session.

    You literally build a strong core to support the outer muscles effectively – the result is you carry yourself with ease, your posture improves tremendously and you’re full of energy.

    And then the sheer act of pulling-in navel back into your spine is enough to shape and flatten your abs into flatter and sexier forms!!!!!

    Give Pilates a try for 2 months, do 3-4 times per week for 30 mins per session – you’ll be amazed at the strength you’ve gained plus the leaner, flatter look in your abs, the tighter tone in your butts and hips and the sleeker shape in your backs and legs.

    The Pilates breathing is also excellent as in every exercise, you inhale and exhale deeply in/from your lungs, hence increasing the intake of oxygen into your body.

    The more oxygen you’ve, the better for your cells and blood to function.

    Pilates also relieves back pain; shoulder pain; neck pain; de-stresses you; loosens up tight muscles (thru the wonderful stretching technique).

    There’s no hype at all about Pilates. It’s an effective and wonderful exercise program that can benefit you heaps. Period.

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